Winter Sun Holiday in Lanzarote


Winter sun holiday was booked last minute. I bagged a good bargain holiday – half board for a week in Lanzarote. Lanzarote was not my personal choice, I heard crazy drunken stories from friends. So since then I thought it’s a party island like any other canary island, not my typical holiday. But I did a little research what to see and things to do. Which I then found out there are interesting day out activities. Which I then booked a car hire from the airport, more freedom to drive around and not depending on public transport.

Landed in Arricefe Airport about 9 pm. After going through customs and baggage collection. I went to pick up the car hire, which is just across the road at the car park area. With car key at hand I was good to go. I was setting up my sat nav, which I knew for sure it works around Europe. But disaster strikes only in main big European Cities, unable to locate Lanzarote. But luckily I got map at hand and a car park attendant also gave me instructions to follow Yaiza direction. I was pretty confident driving out from the airport and joining the motorway. But then I missed my exit, instead of going west I headed the opposite direction. Grrrr having really a bad day and even strikes twice but then I calms myself down when I saw a sign of services. So I stopped by the service station and asked for Playa Blanca direction. The petrol station man told me to go around and go towards the other direction. So I went back to the car and maybe mumbling loudly to myself for the direction. A young man noticed me and he asked if I was “OK”. I replied “NO” I’m lost. Then he asked where I’am going, so I said Playa Blanca are you going that way? Maybe I sounded in desperation, he said “NO ” but I can show you the way. My face brighten up and he asked me to follow his car. I felt safe following him on my car. My instinct tells me his a good man, as well as I can see signs of Yaiza which the car park attendant mention to follow. After 45 minutes of driving, I saw the big sign of the hotel. I have thank Mario maybe hundredth times, a totalย  stranger with a good heart. And I do believe good people still do exist!

Hipotel Natura Palace a nice and quiet place in Playa Blanca area. The grandeur of the lobby was so welcoming, and I noticed a bar on the corner of my eye. After dropping off my luggage to the room, went back down to the restaurant as they are serving late night snacks. Then went straight to the bar for a well earned cocktail, after an eventful evening. My relaxing holiday has started as soon as my second glass of mojito is served.

On the following day, the chirpings of the birds woken me up. As nothing concrete plan for the day,so it was a lazy day for me. I devoured to a sumptuous buffet breakfast and a drink of cava! Yes lets starts the day with a glass of cava, to relax and enjoy the holiday. My lazy day consist of lounging by the pool or by the seaside with a book at hand. About lunch time, when I decide to explore and drove to the town. After securing a parking space, I was excited to wander along the promanade. Passing through the rows of restaurants and bars. I spotted a good place for perfect tapas and seafood, with a beautiful sea view.



A week in this beautiful island sounds so perfect. Come to think of it I’m far away from the gloomy U.K. weather. It’s time for a day out to venture the sunny Lanzarote. With a local map at hand, I’m ready for a road trip. Come and tag along with me and let’s explore Lanzarote!

A visit to Timanfaya National Park is a great way to experience the island. The Island was hit by series of violent volcanic eruptions from 1730 for 6 years. Almost quarter of the island surface was covered by lava. And again in 1824 another eruption has occurred. The island is a protected area, it’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park is regulated with public access with camel ride, coach tour or on foot. At the information office building they have volcanic shows and volcanic art gallery displays.



A drive to Puerto del Carmen for a day out is highly recommended to enjoy the beautiful seaside. It’s regarded as the main tourist town. Offering variety of shops, arrays of restaurants, and clubs with karaoke bars. The place comes to life and very popular to young tourist. It’s the party place of the island, it gets rowdy and loud at night and party goes on till dawn.


Another place to visit is the El Lago Verde ( Green Lagoon). Is located in El Golfo village. The lagoon is the main attraction in the area. The unusual phenomenon behind the lagoon, it has been claimed that the seawater was trapped in a form of lake. With the volcanic minerals, microorganisms and green algae that gives a striking green colour. The place is easily reached it’s well signed posted, along the coast of El Golfo and it has a free parking space.



Salinas del Denubio ( Salt Flats ) is the only remaining salt flat in the area. It used to be the main production for fish peservation and processing. The production has decreased due to preservation technologies. But they still produce high quality table salt, as well as they use for decorations with tons of dyed salt. With different colours from magenta, coral, dusky pink to deep red. An impressive colourful landscape in the area.



Lagomar is another fascinating place to see. Located in Oasis de Nazaret village, a unique house purposely built on a quarry area. The house is set into the hillside with different levels and some magnificent views of the ocean. A legend behind the house, that Hollywood actor Omar Sharif fell inlove with the house and bought it, but he loses it on a card game. Since then the house is known Casa Omar Sharif. The house was opened to the public on 1997 and it has a museum, gallery, bar and restaurant for the visitors.



If driving around the island is to much for a couple of days. Why not join and go for a Catamaran sailing. It’s another way to explore the island and more fun and see the island in different perspective. Catamaran sailing is sure fun way to mingle and party with other people. With water activities like jet ski and snorkling with free food and drinks flowing. Who’s joining to party with me?




What about a Beach day? Finding a nice beach around the island is not hard to do. There are beautiful beaches like Playa Blanca and Playa Papagayo and Playa del Carmen to mention a few, with stunning coves to enjoy your privacy too. Calling all the beach bum to come and enjoy and laze around by the seaside or just top up your suntan.



As the sunsets in, it’s time to party at Playa del Carmen. With all the pub and karaoke bar along the promanade you can party till dawn. Or just enjoy the hotel entertainment. I was lucky to stayed in Hipotel Natura Palace. Every evening they provide different entertainment from Jazz night, concert and Flamenco show.

Insiders Tip:

Where to stay? If you want a quiet and relaxing area I suggest stay at Playa Blanca. But if you intend to party till the rising sun stay at Playa del Carmen.

Hiring a car is highly recommended it’s better to do it that way and its cheap, than booking day trips with tour operators. Driving around you have more freedom to stop when you spoted a beautiful scenery.

Seafood lover? You will be spoilt with choices from freshly catch fish, lobster and king prawn. Why not have the whole platter.

Beach bums,come along and enjoy the stunning beaches scattered around the island. The beautiful fine or pebbled sand with different colours white, gray to red. You ready to top up your suntan?

A week in Lanzarote was a prefect winter sun getaway. Being skeptical going to a party island turns out I enjoyed every minute of it in the end. If given a chance again I will choose Lanzarote anytime.

23 thoughts on “Winter Sun Holiday in Lanzarote

  1. I didn’t know that about the Canary Islands, that it was a party place. I’ve wanted to go, because it looks so beautiful on pictures. It seems that you were able to get out and see a lot. I suppose it has to do a lot with where you stay.

    1. Party days are way gone for me so I decided to stay in nice and quiet area. It’s good i hired a car and was lucky to see a lot of places from driving around the island.

  2. I love that green lagoon! I’ve never seen anything like it – was Googling it to see if there are others around. Sounds like you got a perfect break from the winter weather – I could do with one right about now!

    1. It’s one of a kind in the island, they reckon its beause of the volcanic minerals in the area and a sort of algae that gives its distinctive green colour

  3. great trip.this alternance of moony landscape and the blue sea and those resorts are all so inspiring and look relaxing! thank you for sharing

  4. Good the man helped you at the beginning – you are sometimes helpless when you arrive in a new place and you don’t know your whereabouts!

  5. Visiting the Canary Islands is always a good idea… even during the Winter. The probability of a sunny day is very high despite some windy days.

    I really like the fact that there are plenty of things to do there besides going to the beach. Like some of the places you mention.


  6. I think Playa Blanca sounds more ‘up my street’! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the look of the catamaran cruise which is something we have done for the first time in the Philippines – loved every minute of it! I may really consider going to Lanzarote as I’ve never visited a Spanish island before. It looks really lovely!

    1. Playa Blanca area is were the big nice cozy hotels and a quiet place to stay. Oh yes l love Catamaran sailing too such a great way to see and experience the place oh and to meet people too.

  7. What a great holiday Meanne!
    What I like about Lanzarote is that you can get the both worlds, party scene and relaxing beaches. The nature looks stunning! Only one question, how was the temperature of the water? Nice enough to swim?

  8. sounds like a great place for a holiday, sun sand and water. The sailing looks like an amazing activity with the blue water and sun in the sky

  9. Salinas del Denubio realy caught my eye in this one, where else can you get those views! I would also never say no to Catamaran sailing, no better way to explore the beautiful offerings of Lagomar!

  10. My family went to Lanzarote when I was younger and my parents hated the trip (me and my brother were too young to notice anything) so it’s never been high on my list of places to go but this has convinced me to give it a visit. I really wanna see the Green Lagoon!

    1. I think it depends what area you staying and what sort of activities you wanted to do. But I recommend to hire a car you have more freedom to go anywhere you want.

  11. Never been to Lanzarote but looks like interesting place. I wouldn’t have followed that man. LOL But they say, all is well that ends well.

    Glad you are safe and writing such awesome posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, gorgeous pictures.

    1. I follow my instinct when meeting people and hasn’t failed me yet. .. he looks so nice and with a heart of gold helping me find my hotel..
      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ the place has stunning views its not hard to capture a beautiful picture.

  12. Really nice photos and very interesting. I’ve never been to Lanzarote. I was only at Gran Canaria from the Canary Islands. But Lanzarote is now definitely on my list.

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