Things to do In Trentino And The Great Outdoor!

What’s the best things to do in Trentino and the great outdoors? What’s the best way to enjoy the nature than to go outdoors and get active! As the days gets longer and the mercury plummeting higher each day!

Its time to experience the outdoors, and enjoy the beauty of Trentino’s stunning scenery. I had a fabulous Summer in Trentino.

So if you’re planning your next  summer holiday, I highly suggest head to Trentino. I also heard it’s best for winter getaway too! But for now, I will share you the things to do in Trentino during summer.

Things to do in Trentino: Yesterday’s a History

The geological richness of the area has played an important role in the development of cities in Trentino area. Highlights was visiting archaeological sites was fun!

Having a chance to spend time at the most important prehistoric time of the Bronze Age. It was like being transported back in time.


The Aqua Fredda Archeological site is a great place for discovery.  There’s an exhibit for smelting furnaces and other instrument works for cooper.


A beautiful walk around the Lago di Santa Colomba is not to be missed. The fresh fine air and the stunning clear blue sky reflecting at the lake is picture perfect.

The Lago di Santa Colomba is an essential part of Ecomuseo Argentario, it’s volcanic rock origin which is rich in quartz. The area was significant to the medieval  mining industry.  Yet it was exploited as evidence of high numbers of both vertical and horizontal entrances to the tunnels.


Valle dei Mocheni (Bersntol Fersental) an Autonomous  Province of Trento, the locals speaks Upper German Mocheni language.

The wild and fascinating nature and historic settlement are awaiting to be explored. Up to this moment the area has maintained its tradition and its cultural heritage.



Things to do in Trentino: Exploring the Outdoors!

Get your hiking boots and camera ready! Let’s explore the beautiful Trentino and it’s surrounding area.

Just outskirt of Trento in a beautiful gorge and waterfalls can be reached in 15 minutes by car, alternatively 30 minutes by public transport. The Orrido Di Ponte Alto was formed by the water stream of Fersina river over a thousand years ago. Due to the forceful flow of water threatening the City of Trento, the local tried to build a dam to protect the city.

The first  dam was built in 1537 was then destroyed with heavy rain, then they tried to rebuild it again higher and stronger but was destroyed a few years later. In 1850 the latest dam version was erected, was made with stone which accidentally builds two stunning waterfalls that nowadays it attracts  thousands of tourist yearly.


The mountainous area in Trentino has undergone some disastrous erosion, that has formed unusual geological soil formation of the Segonzano Pyramids.


The area offers a great walking trails that give a stunning viewpoint near the pyramids for a closer look, and fantastic photography opportunity.


 The Segonzano Pyramids is a soil formation shaped like a pyramid. An important natural phenomenon as a result  of soil erosion along the slopes of the mountain, caused by a glacial stream more than 10,000 years ago.

The  pyramids can reach as high up to  10 metres, some have towered by a huge  rock. It has been said that the huge rock protects the soil formation from further erosion.

Following the local walking trail why not take advantage and extend your hiking excursion towards the nearby waterfalls (it can take 1-2  hours to follow the route depends on your walking pace).  If hiking isn’t your thing, a quick drive to the falls is another great way to explore the area.


Cascata del Lupo (Wolf’s Waterfalls) a beautiful walk around Bedollo area is certainly not to be missed. The stunning waterfalls with 946 metres high is without a doubt the  most picturesque scenery along the trail. If you brave the cold water why not take a dip!


Come and let’s experience Trentino! It’s relaxed lifestyle while discovering its stunning nature and savouring delicious food and not to mention their amazing classic sparkling Trento Doc wine which locally produce in the area.


Things to do in Trentino: Wine tasting

Valle di Cembra  is a beautiful small valley near Trento, the gentle rolling hills with an altitude of 900 metres. Rich green meadows, woods and an extremely impressive spot overlooking the lakes. That complete the expanse views of the towering Dolomites mountain ranges from afar.


Let’s discover the Valle di Cembra through it’s stunning landscape, nature and history. The area is very well-known for its fertile soil, a great characteristic and ideal in wine growing region producing high quality sparkling wines and exquisite grappa’s.


Calling out to those who are wine aficionado as well as food connoisseur. When travelling the best way to experience the place they say is through local food and wine. I can’t agree more! Come let’s eat, drink and be merry!


 Vale di Cembra was perfectly shaped out by the River Avisio, with the stunning balcony of terraced vineyards that climb up the mountain. Leading to the great history of vine growing in Trentino.

With the  unique micro climate of the area  even though at extreme altitude, it assures an excellent ripening of grapes for a ultimate production of fine mountain wines, grappa’s and sparkling Trento Doc wines.


Segonzano Castle is a beautiful ruined castle fortress perched up on a rocky hill overlooking the Valle di Cembra. It used to serve as site guarding the trade route passing the Adige Valley across the Cantilaga bridge over Aviso River.


 Segonzano Castle was built in  1216 by Rodolfo Scancio, under a feudal system  of Bishop Frederick Vanga.  During the Battle of Segonzano in 1796 the castle was badly  destroyed, and was further damaged  by the flood in 1882 it was almost demolished, then was later dismantled  by the local resident  and used the materials to build their homes. 

The owner of the castle has changed several times but the present  owner since the 16th century are the Prato family.


Whilst in the area we had a chance to visit the vineyard, and one of the local wineries. A visit to the unique vineyard is imperative!

We had a fantastic self guided tour. Climbing up the slight steep hill and visited the ruined castle with  stunning 360 degrees panoramic views of the vineyard. The panorama and the relaxing atmosphere was so perfect.


A fantastic wine tasting catered and hosted by Paolo the owner of the Cantina Barone a Prato! The beautiful garden setting completes  the tasting table full of local cheese platter and great selection of delicious produce wines. ( If ever you are in the area contact the host by clicking the link above to book your wine tasting experience).

 El Filo restaurant (Michellin Guide) We were catered for five course dinner, and it was exceptionally impressive. The food was almost a 5 star dining experience paired with great wine from Villa Corniole.

Villa Corniole is based in Cembra Valley, a family run business by the Pellegrini. A winery producing still and sparkling wines comes along way through generations. Family ethos is to reinvent the ancient tradition of wine growers, with constant innovation of producing good quality wines.


Things to do in Trentino: Let’s eat and its not just Pasta!

From exhausting day activities and hikes it’s time to indulge into their traditional cuisine from local restaurants and agri-tourism hotels.

Risotto al nero  For those who have never tasted will definitely stir curiosity. Gazing the black rice won’t be that appealing but  the savoury and cheesy  flavour will sure won you over. Try it next time!

Polenta is indispensable food in the Northern part of Italy. Polenta is made of corn semolina which is  often served with mushroom sauce or cheese.

Dumpling has been existing since the 13th century. The local recipe is well known to the Alpine Region, which has a different variant from sweet to savoury.

Cheese which are manufactured from high quality of milk. The milk comes from the grass fed cows on the high mountains of Trentino producing good quality of cheese. These cheese has a protected designation of origin (D.O.C).


Things to do in Trentino: Cultural Experience

There’s no better way to learn about the place than experience it with the locals. Even better trying cultural experience that supports the local community. A great choice for those who are eager to dig deep into local history and culture.

When we are in Bedollo we had a chance to visit a family farm with restaurant. The Azienda Agricola Le Mandre is located on the  Plateau of Pine, a beautiful setting  overlooking two lakes. They have very short menu list but everything they serve are produce from the farm. They make their own cheese on the site also serve great selection of ice cream! (Not for Lactose intolerance).

Agritur Bio Bauernhof Mas del Saro in Sant’Orsola it has an interesting story of the building which dates back from 1700 it used to be a stable, now the  place has been turned into a home and Vegan restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is a Farm to Table, everything they serve in the restaurant is local and freshly produce from the farm. Check out their site Mas del Saro and pre-book your table when you are in the area.

Things to do in Trentino: City Tours & Sightseeing

Trento is famed for its beautiful landscapes, tourist tend to stop in the area on the way to the Alps for summer holiday hiking, or hit the slopes on winter for ski holiday.

But Trento itself is beautiful place to explore. Dominated by its imposing castle the Castello del Buonconsiglio residence of the Prince Bishops. A visit to the castle is a must! The castle building itself is stunning, very interesting combination Gothic to Renaissance  and Baroque period. The castle host the Provincial Museum of Art, the important art collection and impressive original frescoes still evident on the walls.

Rovereto is regarded  the City of Peace and 2nd largest city in Trentino, located in the centre of Valle dell’Adige. That connects two main cities Trento and Verona. The picturesque hills and vineyard attracts many tourist, and also popular to those interest in Modern Art. The MART (The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento & Rovereto) The museum exhibits the work of arts by Fortunto Depero, and other legendary futurist artist. If you are a fan of Depero’s  arts, his got his own museum, why not visit Casa D’Arte Futrista Depero. Another interesting  history museum is the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra. It has fascinating display of WW1 weapon collections house in a beautiful castle, with a stunning 360 view of the city.

Lago di Garda The  beautiful lake is exceptional for relaxing walks along the northern shore. The pristine waters is also perfect for windsurfing and sailing. The fresh alpine climate is a popular for hikers, climbers and mountain bikers.

Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) is one of the famous lakes in Italy.  The lake was formed 10,000 years ago when a glacier moves across the valleys and form the biggest inland water covers 370 k, a length of 52 km and 350 m deep. However only the most northern part belongs to the Trentino Region includes the villages of  Nago, Torbole and Riva del Garda.


Insider’s Tip:

    • Trentino Guest Card is highly recommended as it gives you free access to museums, castles and other attractions in the area. As well as free on all public transport including trains around the Trentino Region.
Disclosure: I enjoyed my experience as a guest of the Trentino Tourism Board   but received no further remuneration to write this post. I retained full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

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