The Great Outdoors of Skåne Sweden 

After spending a week in the city maze of cobbled streets in Gamla Stan and exploring it’s bohemian atmosphere. With it’s quirky galleries and historic residences and not to mention the lovely view by the waterfront. It’s time to leave behind the beautiful Stockholm City’s lively nightlife. Come and experience the stunning countryside life and great outdoors of Skane.

With my luggage trolley being dragged along the quiet street of Stockholm to catch an early morning train to Skane. And wading my way to the train Flat form, at last I found my cabin in a first class and I was lucky to get a seat by the window! As soon as the whistle blew, the train slowly chugging its way along the tracks away from the station. The ticketing officer meticulously checked each and everyone’s ticket. Shortly after he was serving a very typical Swedish breakfast, a pack with rye bread, yogurt and fruits ( a very healthy option to my liking! Where’s my full English breakfast? – just kidding.)

The scenery outside started to change from a concrete buildings to a very lush green landscapes, lakes and forest. I felt so thrilled in every jerky movement and every curb with such a stunning scenery. After an hour with this amazing views I decided to doze off, I felt rested after a couple of hours sleep. Finally, the train operator announced our station Hasselholm. I slowly gathered my bag, together with other bloggers we went through the exit, our guide Fredrik was there waiting for us with the driver. We then drove towards Ahus a 40 minutes journey. Ahus is the second largest locality in Municipality of Kristiansand. Tourist come here for its famous Eel-parties (“alagille”) It is celebrated during August to September. Usually wash down with their locally produced Absolut Vodka!

We were catered for lunch at Ahus Gasgivaregard Hotel and restaurant. It is located in Old Town part of Ahus, offering a river view that connects to Hano Bay. The building itself is 300 years old, was initially a fisherman’s inn then converted to a hotel.The same family running the establishment passed through generation to generation. The restaurant is only serving locally produced ingredients.

We sample and indulge to their soup of the day, a seafood soup with freshly catch fish with king prawn garnish with dill. It was creamy and delicious, the best seafood soup I ever had so far! It was followed by sweet delight, the base was crumble and fresh strawberry and topped up with Strawberry ice cream. I tucked in happily and dessert was divine!

After stuffing my face with delectable food, and feeling guilty. I didn’t fret! Instead I joined the Cycling tour following the Southeast Trail from Ahus to Rigeleje. The 20 km trail it is the newest cycle route that offers a stunning scenery from forest, lakes to coastal views.

If looking for a relaxation getaway place. I highly recommend staying at a farm hotel in Degeberga. The Farm Hotel Cocoon Meeting Hotels is an eco friendly hotel generating their own electricity! They are opened year round, catering for conferences, groups or family holidays. With their newly renovated guest house and complete amenities with free wifi, hot tub with a view, restaurant and a souvenir shop. A good place to stay, it has a home feel away from home.

On that evening we had dinner and sample their pizza night. We were sat outside, and from our table we can see the chef cooking the pizza from an earthen oven. They got small circular wooden piece, one side is green and the other side is red. Which means when the green part still facing up they will continue to give us pizza but when you flip it over to red they will stop. The crispy thin dough pizza was delicious, it was wash down by spruce beer! My first time to try this kind of beer. This kind of beverages drinks was originated in North America, and I have been told they only brew it in Scandinavian countries.

Do you want to go for an adventure and go for a hike? There’s a nearby walking trail, why not follow the Eurorando trail that offers a beautiful landscape. Just follow the sign post and will lead you to a winding brooks and try scaling the hills of Degeberga Backar as you continue your hike to the Beech wood and you’ll be surprise with a waterfall at the end of the trail.

There’s a nearby National Park only an hour drive away. The Soderasen National Park, the nature reserve offers a trails through forest, rivers, ravine and stunning panoramic views. It is a protected area and considered the highest point in Skane, its 696 ft above sea level.

We were catered for lunch at Skaralid Restaurant their buffet lunch with delectable choices. From pickled herring to fresh salad and cold cut meat. I happily tuck in with a locally brewed beer.

We sat by the window with the view overlooking the Oden lake. What a perfect place to have lunch or a picnic by the grounds. Just after lunch I decided to go around the lake and take some photos, this place is stunning. There’s something especial about this place! The peaceful and quiet atmosphere it’s a good place for soul searching I would say, or to clear your mind from a hectic schedule in life.

We also had time to visit the most controversial seaside village called Molle.There was a lingering myth spreading outside Sweden, a rumour spreading about this village being called Sinful place. Molle became the dens of immorality, the first place that bathers men and women could openly bathe together.

On that night we stayed in Arild Area. Arild is a beautiful seaside area offering the view of Skalderviken Bay. There’s a legend about this place. About a woman named Inger, a widow with 2 young sons Arild & Tore. Inger marry her persistent suitor David, with a dark intention with the boy. He arrange the boys to be set on fire while aboard on a ship, their body was drifted ashore Arild body was found in a place now a days called Arild and the other boy’s body was found across placed called Torekov.

We checked-in at the Rusthallargarden Hotel. A very historic place dates back from 1675. The original foundation was from an old demolished castle, it used to be a barn house where they kept soldiers and horses. Then it was expanded and converted to a guesthouse and since 1904 it was owned and managed by the same family up to this days. The hotel has undergone extensive renovation, there are 25 rooms in the main building, they also have villas to accommodate families and big groups, as well as cottages for self catering guest. Facilities includes restaurant and bar, free wifi, indoor pool, sauna& jacuzzi and free parking on site. They offer golf packages and you can arrange activities through the reception.

We were catered for dinner,they offered ala carte and if your on a budget they also have set menu. The dining area looks so elegant at night, it is indeed a fine dining experience they offer! After feasting a sumptuous meal, we then moved towards the bar and enjoyed a cocktail or two. Just after midnight we called it a night, ready for our early morning adventure for the following day.

Activities to do while in Arild: 

Visit the Kullaberg nature reserve. We went for a hike along the steep hills. After passing and scrambling the rugged cliff and scrambled over. You will be spoilt with the stunning view around the rocky coast.

Why not jump on a rib boat and join the group for a Porpoise watching. Watch out for a birds flying nearby it will guarantee there’s a porpoise swimming by the distance. Be vigilant this mammal will just appear on the sea surface for a couple of centimeters and will quickly dive down again to haunt smaller fish for food.

Insiders Tip :

If you love city breaks at the same time you love to be close to the nature. I highly recommend taking the train towards Skåne, only 4 hours train ride from Stockholm. And be spoilt with nature and outdoor activities.

Skåne is best explore with bikes. Why not rent a bike and go around the numerous trails around Skåne and discover the lush green forest, the seaside and it’s beautiful countryside.

If your on a budget and dont want to pay for luxury accommodation. There are different camping sites to chose from. Check out Skåne website for more details.

But if you like your comfort and some luxurious pampering while on holiday. Please do check out the website of the hotels I  stayed in at Cocoonmeetings a beautiful farm hotel offers great walking trails nearby and after a tiring hiking day jump in to the the jacuzzi for a relaxing time. I also stayed in Rusthallargarden a beautiful seaside hotel offering spa and pampering. Their hotel rooms showcase a stunning views of the coast, they also offer golf package holiday. Or why not go hiking at the nearby nature reserve.

Disclaimer: Even though the activities were organised by the Sweden Tourism Board and Skåne Tourism Board. I retained full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

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67 thoughts on “ The Great Outdoors of Skåne Sweden 

  1. I loved Sweden when I visited but didn’t make it to Skane. The coastline photo is gorgeous. I’d love to take a ride through the countryside on a bike. That seems idyllic! I can just feel the cool dry Scandinavian air!

  2. I am absolutely in love with these photos — so artistic and 3D! — and by extension, have now fallen in love with Skane. I spent some time in Sweden as a teenager but haven’t been back since then. I remember the outdoors being a wonderful part of the culture and offerings of the country. Time to go back!

  3. The Arild area looks as if it was taken from the fairy-tale. Do you know what is the name of the cookies/thing of black color in the bakery box? I’ve never seen something similar)) Thank you for sharing your experience!

    1. Not quite sure what’s the name because it’s comes along the complimentary bread basket. I can describe the taste – there’s s hint of licorice flavour and its crispy!

  4. From the train ride to the restaurants to all the yummy food. This sounds like an amazing trip! Love the farm hotel too. Would love to take this trip some day!

  5. I haven’t been to Sweden yet. But this looks great. The cocoon hotel indeed does look very nice. I love it that they’re generating their own electricity! I would definitely love to visit Kullaberg nature reserve.

  6. I wish I’d taken advantage of the FAM trips before and after TBEX Stockholm. I was late on the game and it looks like I missed some pretty great opportunities. Skane, Sweden looks rugged and wild and like a paradise for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers. Your photography is fantastic too and the pictures of the food you ate on your trip are making my mouth water!

  7. What a beautiful place. I am totally loving it. I have to admit that I didn’t know about it. I am thankful that this post.

    1. I was so lucky to join the Skåne tour and had a chance to explore and experience the stunning place! Well there’s a good reason for you to visit Sweden again.

  8. Wow, those photos are enough to convince anyone to travel to this part of Sweden. 😉 The food…omg how delicious! The strawberry dessert gets my vote. I loved your accommodations as well but the hiking pic was my favorite. I need photography lessons from you girl!

  9. I haven’t been to Sweden but your post on Skane sure makes me want to change that! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I especially liked the hotel that generates its own electricity.

  10. I still haven’t been to Sweden so I will have to keep this place in mind. Looks like a place i’d love! The Rusthallargarden Hotel looked amazing too.

    1. To be honest never heard it myself I only chose the place for the outdoor activities and I didn’t regret joining the group. The place is so stunning and we had a great time.

  11. Great falls, such a good time you had there. Sweden is high on my list, can’t wait to go and I love outdoors so this agenda would suit me well 🙂

  12. I stayed here in the summer and want to go back! The surroundings are beautiful
    Cocoon Meeting Hotel, a place where time stands still – offeres the chance to rest and revive.
    Picturesque views from the hilltops, stretch to the Baltic Sea in the West and across heaths and unspoilt forests complete with Islandic Ponies.

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