Sweden Outdoor Activities : Getting the best of Summer!

The famous saying “At the Right Place at the Right Time.” I was lucky enough to be in Sweden this time of the year!

July is a great time to visit Sweden. Ask me why? Well Summer time has just kicked in and it’s best to explore the place because of it’s longer days. Yes it’s known as Midnight Sun! The sun will set late and will rise early. So plenty of time to wander and a good excuse to experience the beautiful place.

It’s best time to explore one of Sweden’s best assets – the great outdoors. So if your looking for fun activities, look no further! Are you an outdoor fanatic? Or simply to spend an afternoon’s amble, you’re definitely in the right place. What are you waiting for?

I had the opportunity to spend a week in city capital of Sweden. Stockholm City is widely spreads out over 14 main islands in Lake Mälaren, that looks out to the view of the Baltic Sea. Interconnected with at least 50 bridges, made it easily to explore on foot. Or use the public transport either bus, boat or metro. But I highly suggest try the Metro, they showcase a free work of art design in every station.

Stockholm city offers a variety of activities. If you like architectural designs, why not go for a Photography Stroll around Old Town known the Gamla Stan and your on for a treat. Architecture history dates back from the 13th century. The buildings in Stockholm are characterized by its uniqueness that show foreign influences, from Jugendstil, Baroque to Renaissance.

There are different walking tours too! I joined the Ghost Walking tour. It was fascinating walking around hearing the horror stories behind the walls and along the street of Stockholm. And it made more interesting and entertaining by our guide.

If you had enough strolling around  the Old Town. Then it’s time to explore the archipelagos! Do you like fishing? I dont have any fishing experience but I had the chance to join the fishing tour. Our guide gave us a quick briefing and technique on how to use the fishing rod. And viola were off to some of the secluded island. I wasn’t lucky to catch any fish but the experience was truly fun. This activity was provided by Catch&Relax check out their site to book this activity.

If you just want to relax and unwind. Join the team for a Sailing Adventure! We sailed out from the Strandvägen, Quay. An early morning start was a great way for a day of relaxation voyaging around the archipelago. Here’s my poetic description for my sailing adventure! As we set adrift dancing gracefully over the soft white crested waves, shearing a path through the wind-whipped water. The gentle breezes touches my skin, washing away the worries. And the feeling sets my mind to a restful sailing experience. This activity is sponsored by Out.se do check out their website to book this activity.

After exploring the bustling city of Stockholm. Why not opt for a countryside life experience too! It was a great opportunity to take part in an organised outdoor activities that was taken place in Skåne. Skåne County (Swedish: Skåne län), in English referred to as “Scania County“. It is the southernmost county of Sweden. About 4 hour train journey from Stockholm to Hässleholm train station.

Our first stop was in Åhus. Åhus is located in Kristianstad Municipality of Skåne. They produced the world famous Absolut Vodka! Yes that clear vodka. Aside from vodka it is also famous for the Swedish Eel-parties (“ålagille“), they celebrate during August and September.

We were catered for lunch at Åhus Gästgivaregård and graciously sample their soup of the day! Considerably the best seafood soup I ever had. The exceptionally relax ambience by the restaurant terrace with the breathtaking view of the river. What a great way to experience Skåne’s warmth hospitality.

Are you ready to conquer the mighty mountains, plenty of forest paths to cross, coastal walks to savour and cycling trail to traverse? Is it a walking/hiking holiday you want? Take a hike – go on, I know you want to! Come and let’s discover Skåne’s beautiful scenery waiting to be explore.

Skåne Outdoor Getaway and it’s great outdoors activities!

Cycling while your on holiday can be a great way to see and enjoy the fantastic scenery while getting fit at the same time. We had the chance to follow the newest cycling route in Åhus, the Southeast trail from Åhus to Rigeleje a 20 km trail. It has been considered as the best cycling routes for tourist in Sweden. It consist two cycling route 1 & 2. We followed route 2 “Sydostleden Southeast trail” , the route offers a varying scenery to enjoy, from beautiful coastal views to a rich swedish forest landscapes.

Hiking in the woods and hills nature reserve. Following the Eurorando trail in Degeberga-leden that offers a 5 km stretch of stunning countryside scenery. A great walk while enjoying the Degeberga Backar Hills and a quick stop to have a “fika” at the beech wood area ( “Fika is a concept in Swedish culture “The Art of Coffee Break the swedish style”). While continuing the hike to the Forsakarbäcken Brooks, savouring the nature and cool atmosphere by the falls.

Scrambling the rugged cliff. We leisurely started walking down towards the sea, then up the steep hillside. We reached to the point of a rugged cliff and scrambled over the rocks. To a point that a little clumsy move you will fall on a rocky water surface. But after passing the steep area, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the sea.

Porpoise watching.As we navigate our way through some choppy waters. It wasn’t long when we spotted a birds nearby just flying in a circle and noted a porpoise swimming by the distance. A not so flamboyant swimmer, it looks like a shy mammals that just appears to the sea surface for a couple of centimeters and will dive down again to haunt smaller fish for food.

Disclaimer: Even though all the activities are arranged and provided by the Swedish Tourism Board, Stockholm Tourism Board and Skåne Tourism Board. I retained full editorial control and all opinions expressed are my own.

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40 thoughts on “Sweden Outdoor Activities : Getting the best of Summer!

    1. The cycling was a good trail surely you will love it there, mountains is more or high hills really- the hike / walk we only did 1more or less 2 hours, bu there are longer trails too

  1. I was in Sweden, too, in July. Your photos are such great memories. I stayed at a hotel in Solna so I had the pleasure of riding the metro every day. The artwork down there is too cool. My favorite Stockholm museum is the Vasa! Getting out to the archipelago and the Baltic Sea for some nature, great temperatures, and “fika” is also such a great way to experience what Sweden has to offer!

  2. Wow it’s amazing to see beautiful pics of Sweden without snow. I’ve been to Sweden, but only to the norther Lapland regions… during winter’s February… OUCH! but nevertheless I did enjoy the country. Great list of outdoor activities. Thanks. Greetings from Sahara Desert.

  3. This looks like its right up my travel alley as an outdoor enthusiasts! Would definitely love to hike that. Your pictures are great makes me want to go!!

  4. Sweden is one of the places I want to visit. Those are some great activities and tours you have featured. Definitely interested in doing some fishing and trying some of the cuisine.

  5. Love the HDR effect on some of these photos! The photography stroll around Old Town sounds right up my alley. Thanks for turning me onto visiting Sweden in the summer!

  6. I was in Stockholm this summer! But sadly I could only stay a few days so only experienced a fraction of the city and nothing beyond. I can not wait to go back! It’s such a beautiful place.

  7. Oh, were you in Stockholm for TBEX? I thought it was great this year. I love Stockholm and have been able to visit a couple times. It’s like that perfect summer idyllic destination that makes you understand why everyone wants to be Swedish 🙂

    1. Id love to see it now on Winter there’s something magical when all is covered in snow 🙂 , but yeah definitely you need to visit Sweden during Summer.

    1. Sweden is amazingly stunning especially summer months coz you got to do lots of outdoor activities. It’s a good excuse for you to start planning your Sweden getaway 🙂

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