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Staycation in U.K: Weekend Getaway in Hever Kent

“My weekend getaway in Hever Kent is the essence of luxury and tranquillity with stunning Kent countryside views”.

Are you dreaming of jetting off to sunnier shores, away from the U.K gloomy and wet weather? But have no choice but to spend your weekend at home!

Why not embrace the weather and just get outside! I love Autumn, the different colours of the trees look amazing. I know the breeze is more chilly, but it’s time for woolly scarf for a chic look and don’t forget the boots!

So instead of staying home, I’m thinking about weekend break to grand country estate with spa indulgence! A road trip to Hever Kent is definitely a good choice.

After a three hour drive, I was welcomed with the short driveway of the Hever Hotel. The converted barn accommodations stunning Tudor style façade, and dormer windows for a great viewpoint, completes the charming look.

“Hever Hotel is beautifully situated in the Kent countryside, it is a 13th century converted barns in the grounds of the historic Hever Castle used to be owned by the Boleyn families”.

After check-in, I was eager to see my room. As I was looking for my room number, I was impressed it has named too! I’m staying in the Lady Louise Windsor room, what a fancy name!

As I opened the door and a usual double bed with television set. But something caught my eyes a complimentary cold bottle of Prosecco was  waiting for me! Now this is a start of a great weekend,I would say!

On that evening, I planned to dine on site restaurant. The restaurant is offering locally source food produce for breakfast and dinner, they also cater for events and special occasion. I ordered chicken liver pate and for the mains I had Pork chop, washed down with rose.

After the sumptuous meal, I was ready for an early night. Needed a beauty sleep for tomorrows activities.

The following day, after my full English breakfast, I was shown around the hotel property together with other guests. The charming property has unique lounges that features an exposed rustic wooden beams, with 27 hole championship Golf Course set in the grounds of Hever Castle and an outdoor tennis court. As well as on site gym with sauna. After the tour around the hotel, I was ready to explore the nearby castle.

Let’s explore the area:

“Looking for your Knight in Shining Armour? I think Kent is the place to be. Imagine in every corner, there’s a Mansion house or even a castle! Come and join me, let’s visit some castle and hear some amazing tales behind those thick walls of the well preserved castle”.

The following day, we were hosted to visit the Chiddingstone Castle, is situated in Edinbridge. It used to be a Tudor style building, but renovated in the 19th century in an imposing medieval castle style, offers a spectacular view of 35 acre garden with woodlands and a fishing lake.

History of the Castle: High Street House or High Street Mansion Initially was a timber-framed dwelling in the early 16th century by Richard Streatfeild, a wool merchant. In 1679, Henry Streatfeild restored it in a brick building. It has been passed on from generations to generation and has gone further remodelling in the 19th century, to unfinished gothic style. In 1938 it was sold to Lord Astor and during the Second World War, the castle was used by the Canadian Forces then converted to Long Dene School. In 1955, it was purchased by Denys Eyre Bower, an antiques dealer.


Aside from the great views, let’s explore the interiors.  The remarkable or shall I say quirky art  and antique collections of Dery’s, on the ground floor from Japanese to Egyptian exhibit.

As well, his unconventional life story together with his brother from scrapbook of his girlfriend collection, to his scandal that led to his imprisonment.

The castle is also child friendly, by the kitchen area they provide an interactive activities for the kids. On the first floor, there’s a room called Streatfield which showcased a miniature buildings of the neighbourhood of the High street, until it was transformed to a castle.

From the castle, its only a few minutes walk, just cross the stunning bridge by the lake and you can still visit the old village with  remaining buildings from church to shops and school.

Adjacent to the Hever hotel is the Hever Castle, why not visit and explore the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.

About 10 minutes drive from the hotel, you can also visit Chartwell House, the house of Winston Churchill now manage by National Trust.

Disclosure :

I absolutely love my two night complimentary stay in Hever Hotel, a fabulous locations for an English countryside indulgence.

I enjoyed my experience as a guest at the Chiddingstone Castle with the complimentary ticket provided. As usual I retained full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

It is definitely the perfect time to whisk away with your loved ones! With the Autumn chilly days why not turn your evenings into luxurious cosy nights”.

Insider’s Tip:

  • Hever Hotel is an ideal weekend getaway, in the Kent countryside, a few minutes to M23 only an hour drive to London. A typical English Countryside with beautiful green field, along the way.
  • If you love visiting castles,  there are a few options where to go. Why not visit the  Chiddingstone Castle just a few minutes drive away, they also cater for special occasions for wedding receptions and private parties.
  • Or visit the Hever Castle adjacent to the Hever Hotel.

52 thoughts on “Staycation in U.K: Weekend Getaway in Hever Kent

  1. This sounds like an amazing place to be. I loved the art part, as an art enthusiast. The castles too are one of my favorite places… Nice description.

  2. Staycations are always a good idea! So are full English breakfasts 🙂 I live in Vancouver so we have no castles around here… so nice that Hever is in close proximity to more than just one!

    1. Castle are everywhere in UK, but in Kent area there are plethora of them awaiting to be explore. I am very lucky to go and visit these places and the histories behind those thick walls is just so amazing. History geek would love this area!

  3. We always love doing staycations too! The Hever Hotel looked so cute with their vibrant colors in the bedroom. Sounds like you had a delicious dinner too. I never would have expected to find Egyptian antiques in the Chiddingstone Castle! That blew me away!

    1. Oh my Hever Hotel stay was wonderful and yes they serve great food too!
      Dery’s quirky art collection was indeed fascinating, there’s an extensive full of Egyptian Art collection in a big room and you will definitely amazed!

  4. Staycations are so much fun! Exploring close to home can be just as rewarding as taking a big trip. That hotel room looks gorgeous too! I love when rooms have a little extra flair instead of being the same bland thing everywhere you go.

    1. Yes I love staycation and discovering hidden gems around the area is just wonderful as travelling abroad indeed. And yes that Hotel interior was colourful but tastefully decorated.

    1. Yes Staycation is the best for sure for a quick weekend getaway, a few hours drive away from home makes so much difference and added bonus the fresh air of the countryside for a total relaxation experience.

  5. O wow! I would love to visit the Chartwell House. I didn’t know Winston Churchill’s house was open to the public for viewing. Such a great staycation 🙂

  6. Hever is definitely on my list of places to visit in England since I am a huge fan of Anne Boyeln. The Hever Hotel looks like a great place to stay.

    1. The Hever hotel is a good based when visiting Hever area and great place to explore the nearby castles and for history geeks, this place is brimming with history for sure!

  7. The architecture is beautiful. It’s always been a dream of mine to visit and tour castles. Hope I could in the near future! Great job describing the place.

    1. The architectural design of the castle is indeed beautiful, it did evolved to different design as the years go by and turned out to be a stunning castle. and additional interesting thing to see are the permanent art collections exhibit of Dery’s.

  8. When you find a bottle of Prosecco waiting for you in your hotel room, you know right away you’re in for a great time. The Hever hotel looks like the perfect place for a staycation. Not only is comfortable and luxurious, there is plenty to do in the area. Chiddingstone Castle, looks like a fun place to explore. I enjoyed getting to know Kent from your perspective.

    1. Indeed the chilled bottled of Prosecco is a very nice welcome for a fun weekend getaway, as well as exploring the Chiddingstone Castle and it’s beautiful grounds.

  9. A very nice spot you have stayed in the UK! I particularly am intrigued by Chiddingstone Castle and would love to see it for myself one day. The pork chop looked delightful.

  10. Damn! Living in a 16th century castle would be so awesome…can’t tell you how jealous I feel. I love castles and history and Hever Hotel has it all…apart from the royal-sounding names for the rooms 🙂

    And that Prosecco in the room was the icing on the cake 🙂

  11. I love staycations, especially when they are within reasonable reach of home and the travel time is super quick. I do love autumn here though only when it’s dry and sunny — I don’t mind the cold but I hate being caught out in the rain! HeverHotel looks lovely, really cosy and comfortable and stylish as well. In terms of sights, Chiddingstone Castle and Hever Castle both look well worth a visit.

  12. This is why you go to England – not just to see London but to visit gorgeous little villages loaded with history and atmosphere. Can I just say thanks for making your blog print readable, large enough and bright enough for us with some vision impairments to be able to read very comfortably. Your pictures are just lovely and give me a real feel for the area and how pretty these types of English staycations can be.

  13. Looks a great hotel and it’s always nice to be greeted with a bottle of Prosecco. Sound like there are lots of interesting things to do on a weekend break. We love touring the UK in the winter, it is often quieter and it’s always good to get back to a warm cosy hotel afterwards.

  14. I love Staycations, and Hever Hotel looks like a great location. I love the tudor stylings on the exterior of the hotel. I was intrigued by Denys Eyre Bower’s Egyptian collections at Chiddingstone Castle – although these days I always think it’s wise to question how these artefacts were acquired. I love visiting castles and museums when I staycation too, so much history on our doorstep!

  15. When I first read “Hever” I thought that the name sounded family. Why, yes, of course, it’s the home of Anne Boleyn! Places like this is what I love most about England. So many great places to visit in the country, full history, and natural beauty. Your hotel room looks stunning too – with a name, ha! – and the prosecco was a nice touch.

  16. I love taking a good staycation, and this place looks like an incredible place to visit! Though it won’t be a staycation for me, i’ll definitely look into adding Hever Kent to my itinerary for my next UK visit

  17. Hever Hotel sounds like a wonderful place for a weekend staycation. What I love about the place is the fact that apart from relaxation and great food, you also can walk out in the outdoors and enjoy the countryside, explore castles and admire the quirky art collection. The history of the castle is also fascinating and adds to the allure of the place.

  18. Hever Hotel looks so inviting. I would spend a weekend there. Far from a staycation for me, but a fancy named rooms with Prosecco on arrival may warrant some travel. Plus, a castle nearby to explore makes it even more attractive.

  19. Staycations are always a good option when you’re bored or just want to do something out of your bedroom! Indeed you had a good time! The castle looks great! I haven’t seen a real castle yet! haha That place looks calming and can let your mind relax! Autumn leaves are so beautiful too! The mixture of colors are simply stunning in the eyes!

  20. I’m obsessed with the Tudor period at the moment, so LOVE the façade and décor of the Hever Hotel. Hever Kent sounds like a great weekend getaway – Chiddingstone Castle would make me feel as though I had stepped into a TV set – so much history in this region! Adding Hever Castle to the list – obsessed with Anne Boleyn. Thanks for these tips!

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