Staycation in U.K : Road trip along North Devon and North Cornwall Coast

“Staycation is the new way of travelling. Let me take you to a road trip along  North Devon and North Cornwall Coast. Come and embrace the beauty of nature on your own door step”.

Yes if you’re based in United Kingdom, and every day in the news that European flights are being cancelled. The hassle of cancelled flights and rescheduling your holiday. No need to worry, so holiday abroad is out of the equation!

Staycation comes to mind. It’s a great opportunity to meet up friends and families. Why not just explore the nearby areas.

Setting off early to avoid the heavy morning traffic. With our packed bags and waterproof jackets we we’re ready for a fun ride! Waterproof jackets is a must this time of the year as the weather is unpredictable, we are in U.K after all so expect four season in a day! You know what I mean!

Oh and if you like hiking packed that walking boots too, Devon and Cornwall area has lots of walking trails, so be ready to be spoilt for choices.


Devon is very popular holiday destination with spectacular coastline, stunning beaches and not to forget the sumptuous Devonshire Cream Tea! Who’s ready for a fun ride?


Here’s a perfect road trip itinerary for family or with friends along the North Devon Coast!



Lynton & Lynmouth

Lynton is a charming town situated atop of a hill, linked to Lynmouth it’s a beautiful twin town in the North Coast of Devon. With its steep hilly setting distinguished by  river, gorges,  spectacular deep woodlands and river walking treks. Are you ready to explore?

Not to missed the Funicular Cliff Railway joining the twin town Lynton and Lynmouth. It opened on Easter Monday 1890, it has been in continuous operation since and very popular with tourist. Regarded as the highest and steepest water powered railway in operation in the world.

There is also a 7 mile circular hike following the waymarked trails on good path. Starting from Lynton along the South West Coast Path towards the picturesque harbour village of of Lynmouth. Giving a splendid views of the  Gorge and woodland as well as stunning span of the North Devon Coast. Stopping at the Watersmeet House for tea break then continue your way back to Lynton following the Tarka Trail.

Another place to visit in Lynton is the Glen Lyn Gorge. You can’t miss the Gorge, there’s a water jet spraying in the air. There’s a museum inside  with information of floods occurred many years ago that changes the route of the gorge, when the village was badly flooded. There are also trails to follow with a great view of the waterfalls and river.

A few minutes drive from Lynton is the Valley of the Rocks. A stunning landscape with pre-historic rock formation with great trails along the cliff that offers a stunning view of the coast. On the trails you will  spot the Wild Goats along the face of the cliff, happily grazing the grass. Have a selfie or two but mind you, the cliff is  steep so be very careful!




Ilfracombe a beautiful seaside resort with  small harbour surrounded by impressive views of cliffs. Wander along the seaside either looking for best Fish and Chips shops or just stretching those legs and enjoy the stunning view. Don’t miss out climbing the vantage point in the area.

The highest vantage point to see the incredible views of Ilfracombe and the harbour, go and climb up the hill and reach the iconic landmark the St. Nicholas Chapel. The chapel was built in 1321 as place of worship, and from the middle ages served as a light house guiding the ships into the harbour. Its regarded as the oldest working light house in the country.

The giant fascinating statue erected adjacent to the harbour. The Verity Statue was erected in 2012 designed by sculpture Damien Hirst. Standing tall at 66 foot, a mixed of stainless steel and bronze. It depicts a pregnant woman raising a sword on her left hand and standing on books while the right hand is carrying the Scales of Justice. Half of the sculpture showing an internal anatomy of a pregnant showing a foetus. It has initially provoked extreme reaction by the locals and the media. But Hirst described his  work as a “ Modern allegory of the Truth and Justice”. Now a days it has been a tourist  attraction and one of the most visited landmark in the area.

Hele Beach is a sandy and pebbled cove situated in Hele, a five minutes drive from Ilfracombe. Great for families  and friends looking for a quiet seaside getaway. With numerous rock pools for the kids to enjoy and explore. It is also popular  for canoeist and other water sports activities too.



Barnstaple is the oldest borough in the United Kingdom. it has a beautiful preserve medieval character scattered around the city. During the 14th century it was the biggest exporter of wool. Has been the major market for North Devon since Saxon Times.

During Victorian times the Vegetable Market was built in 1855 well known as the Pannier Market. Designed by local architect R.D. Gould, the building it has been Grade II listed since 1951.

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Cornwall is very inspiring staycation destination offering a rugged coastline and the south coast is dubbed as the Cornish Riviera with picturesque harbour villages to explore. The mouth watering Cornish pastries, ice cream and clotted creams.




Here’s a perfect road trip itinerary for family or with friends along the North Cornwall Coast!





Morwenstow is situated in the west coast in North Cornwall, and within the  Cornwall Area of Outstanding natural Beauty. It has been a home of the eccentric vicar and poet Robert Stephen Hawker, the writer of Cornwall’s anthem Trelawny.

Explore the area with breath-taking views of North Cornwall following the 3 mile circular route  from the Rectory farm tearoom car park. The trails is along the coast and Tidna valley. If you want a quick hike go and see the Hawkers Hut.

Hawkers Hut is very historic and once a refuge place of Robert Stephen Hawker. Was originally built from a timber and shipwreck wood. The hut is facing west offering an impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean. From the car park and passing through a charming Church of St. Morwena and St. John the Baptist, dates back to Saxon times. Continue your walk towards the coast and follow the well signposted trail to the hut.



Bude is a compact seaside town in the North Cornwall very popular since the Victorian times. It has been awarded the Best UK Coastal Resort in British Travel Awards. If you are looking for solitude this is the perfect hide away place, although if your a seeking trill the unrivalled scenery with water activities from stand up paddle boarding, surfing to kayaking you are in the right place!

The most iconic Bude Sea Pool is not to be miss, is a partially man-made tidal swimming pool or lido. Situated between the Summerleaze Beach and Crooklets Beach the two main beaches in the area.

Looking for a vantage point head towards The Break water, was first constructed  to protect the Bude Canal in 1819. But was destroyed by a big storm in 1823 was then  rebuilt in 1939.

Another fantastic vantage point is a small tower located just up the hill. The Compass Point or the Storm Tower was built to served as the refuge for the coastguard. A very ornamental building designed by Sir Thomas Dyke Acland who played a big part in the development of Bude. The octagonal tower was described “ The temple of the Wind” in Athens. The views were magnificent you could see the rolling waves surging into the coast. There are lots of benches up the hill you can have a picnic while enjoying the views.

Bude Tunnel the locals are very proud, once became the most famous perspex tunnel in the world. During festive season they put on lights and regarded as one of the most visited place in Bude. But during ordinary days the tunnel is nothing special, its a plastic covered walkway from the carpark to the local grocery shop.

It maybe the just the start of Summer but  the air temperature is warming up ,  why not organise that staycation that you deserve and explore Devon and Cornwall. Perfect for  long walks while enjoying the fresh  air and stunning views. Get ready and pack your bags for Summer staycation!


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