Staycation in U.K : Manchester Day Out


Manchester is regarded as the third-most visited city in the United Kingdom by foreign visitors, after London and Edinburgh. Manchester can be easily reached, thanks to good transport connections. Manchester is famous for its football clubs. Not only one but two, the Manchester City and Manchester United.

My friend Gina and Me decided to go for a stroll around Manchester. It has a very rich culture and notable for architectural design dotted around the city. Here’s the places to see and do while visiting the city.

We arrived in Manchester just in time for lunch. We didn’t look any further, we went straight towards the china town area. China Town as you enter to the area you’ll notice the welcoming red gate. Decorated in chinese style that dominates the area and the pagoda on the corner. It felt like you’ve been transported to china. Best place to go if your looking for cheap food. The place is swarm with “eat all you can-buffet style” chinese restaurants, as well as food market in every corner.


Just after lunch, we decided to go for a stroll along the canal side. We were surprised to reach the gay village, we soon noticed the rainbow flags hanging in every establishment in the area. Gay Village is located in canal street along the west side of Rochdale Canal. It is the most successful gay village in Europe. Lined with cool bars, clubs and restaurants. Great location for night out and hen/stag parties. If your homophobic not a place to go.



Shopping spree haven. Either go to Trafford Centre or just browse around the city center in Arndale Centre for high end fashion. Head towards the main shopping district along Deansgate. The pedestrian street sorrounded by elegant Victorian buildings. Continue to walk around the King’s street and St. Ann’s Square for up market boutique shops.

Photography stroll around the city. Start your walk along the canal, then discover the city with it’s magnificent architectures dotted around the city. Admiring and capturing the most famous and iconic buildings with different period times.



Watch a Football match! Are you a footie fanatic/ holigan or just wanted to experience a football match for the day? Here’s your chance to watch the famous football club Manchester United or the Manchester City play in their home grounds.


Watch a Concert! Head towards Manchester Arena, it’s the first European indoor venue to built a 360 degrees sitting layout and the only arena in U.K with this feature. It is also regarded as the second busiest arena in the world after The O2 arena in London. I have been to a numerous concert in the Arena such as Enrique Iglesias, Westlife and Ellie Goulding to mention a few.


Have you been to Manchester City? Have you got any activity I should add to this post. Leave your comment and I will update this article.

26 thoughts on “Staycation in U.K : Manchester Day Out

  1. I love staycations and exploring your own backyard. I work full time so that’s often how I get to travel. I think my top choice would be a concert. Looks like a great venue. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haven’t been to Manchester although it’s high on my list. I have a couple of friends living there and should definitely visit. And it’s not even that far from London, where I’m based.

    Some really nice ideas of what to do there.


  3. I would love to check out Manchester. I didn’t know it was number 3 most visited. The architecture is beautiful and I am sure holds all types of amazing stories within the walls.

  4. I’ve never been to Manchester, which is crazy because I live in London! My husband went to a ManU match though last year, so he got to experience the football craziness.

  5. Staycations are a great way to explore you local town while being in a tourist mindset. People travel all over but will miss the reason people travel to their home to visit.

  6. My, Manchester is lively! I do want to watch a match in Manchester to feel the energy of fans from all over the world. Although now that I know they have a great concert hall as well I should try and catch a show there too. 🙂

  7. I’d have to correct you and say that Manchester is the no.1 city in the UK.. but I am biased.. I grew up there! Lovely to stroll down memory lane and thank you for including the Gay Village – I spent many a awesome evening dancing my socks off there!

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