Slovenia: Explore It’s Rugged Nature and be Amazed!

Do you need a break away from the hustle and bustle? Away from the daily hectic work schedule? Do you dream of a calm and peaceful place? Wanted to be close to the nature? Why not pack your bag and get ready to explore Slovenia.

With my recent travel to Slovenia and spent an amazing week exploring it’s rugged beauty. I can’t contain myself not to share it with you all. I based myself in Bled area near the national park, and did a great day out! Do check out the places I have visited. If the photos won’t encourage you to visit Slovenia on your next travel, I’m not sure what else would convince you!

Most of us may have seen a post card of Lake Bled. The very first time I have seen a photo, I was dreaming to visit it one day. And here I am venturing the magical place of Bled. Admiringly walking around the lake, I was instantly mesmerised by it’s beauty. But I wasn’t satisfied I decided to hike up the steep hill of Ojstrica and the view from the top was amazing overlooking Lake Bled.

If you love exploring nature reserve, I highly recommend Zelenci. The place covers 15 hectares in the valley stretches between Podkoren and Rateče. Surrounded by the backdrop of stunning several peaks of Julian Alps. In 1992 the nature reserve was protected. The wetland offers an interesting nature formation. There’s this Emerald green lake with unique and natural phenomenon, a tiny bubbling volcanoes at the bottom of the lake. As well as a very diverse flora and fauna that are considered rare species in Slovenia only found in these area.

While camping on holidays is your scene. This place would be on top of the list. The Lago di Predil is a quiet area and perfect for peaceful couple of days camping while enjoying the Emerald Green lake. I have been told its a good spot for sailing too!

Im not a professional mountain hiker/climber so instead of going hiking at the highest peak of Slovenia the famous Triglav Mountain. I went to the base of Mangart Mountain and I enjoyed a 6 star dining “picnic”, great views overlooking the rugged cliffs and lakes in the lowlands.

Are you an adventure junkie? Looking for water sports activities head towards Bovec. Experience the wild rapids and paddle along the Soca River while enjoying the stunning scenery. Or dare for a dip in the ice cold emerald water if you are brave!

“Don’t  go chasing waterfalls” remember that TLC song? It’s hard not to go and chase waterfalls! I have seen a few along my trip around Slovenia. The Boka Waterfalls it can be clearly seen from the road from Žaga to Bovec. It falls freely at 106 meters, volume varies all depending on the season and precipitation. It is most worth visiting during late spring when the thick layers of snow starts to melt.

Kosjak Waterfall is located near Kobarid Town. Along the way passing through a hanging bridge over the greenish blue water of Soca River. Then following the woodland until you are reached a narrow passageway made of wooden planks. Reaching the viewing flatform a welcoming sight of a glistening water cascading down the rock wall of 15 meter high.

Day trips to do around Bled.

If you like Lake Bled for sure you will also like Lake Bohinj. The lake is located in Triglav National Park within the Bohijn valley of the Julian Alps. It is the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, covering 318 hectares. It takes more than 2 -3hours to walk around the lake ( it depends on your pace) and you can also hire a bike. Or hire a boat to enjoy the stunning and peaceful scenery.

There is also a waterfalls nearby the Savica Waterfalls. It is considered one of the famous waterfalls in Slovenia. A very fascinating falls freely cascading to 78 meters high. From the church  it is a good 3 hours hike to the falls.

A bit touristy area but its worth a visit the Vintgar Gorge. After purchasing a ticket entry, you will be welcome with spectacular view of Radovna river forcefully flowing. Snaking and swirling along the gorge, a stunning scenery of the rapids while walking carefully along the wooden flank of walkway and bridge. There’s a small café near the falls, to have a break while enjoying the nature.

Šum Waterfalls  ( “noisy falls” ) freely falls at 43 feet. It is regarded as the largest river waterfalls in Slovenia. A very scenic stream of the River Radovna flowing forcefully through the gorge.

Insiders Tip :

While in Bled do try their cream cake and best accompanied by a cappuccino.

If you are curious of the local alcoholic spirits do try the Medica. A liquor that is produced from honey by the locals a recipe over 300-year-old.

From Bled take a bus towards Bohinj-Jezero it’s an hour journey. Gettingto Savica Waterfalls head towards the western part of Lake Bohijn. It’s well sign posted just follow the sign passing through a forest, the hike is about 3 hours. Alternatively take a bus towards Ukanc the last bus stop after the lake, and hike for 2 hours. Or if you  are driving you can park by the entrance and just hike up the 500 steps towards the flatform for about 30 minutes. There’s a small entrance fee, the view along the way and from the flatform is so stunning.

From Bled to Vintgar Gorge there are regular buses that runs throughout summer time. But during off season you hire a taxi for €5 per person. There’s an entrance fee. Give yourself an hour or two to visit the gorge, take time to capture the fascinating natures beauty.

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20 thoughts on “Slovenia: Explore It’s Rugged Nature and be Amazed!

  1. Slovenia looks amazing! And there is so much more than Lake Bled! The outdoor adventures are great and the landscape is stunning!

  2. I think Slovenia is one of the unsung heroes of Europe and you’ve uncovered several of the great things to do here. Lake Bled is just amazing, I really enjoyed visiting here and getting up high on the mountain as well. Adventure sports seems to be an area that is really taking off. Beautiful landscape photos you’ve taken here.

  3. The beauty of Slovenia is unexpected. I’ve not visited the country yet, but have wanted to see Lake Bled. I’d love to go hiking in those gorgeous mountains. Super!

  4. I’ve really been wanting to visit Slovenia lately and all these adventures really look right up our alley! Lake Bled, the kayaking and Zelenci all sound especially fun! Gorgeous photos!

  5. Slovenia looks absolutely gorgeous. I adore outdoor adventures and beautiful landscapes, so it looks like the best place for me! It’s pretty high on my list. I feel like if I don’t travel there this year, then most likely next year I will.

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