Sailing and Fishing: A Taste of Swedish Island life!

Sweden the Scandinavian’s capital is surrounded by lush beautiful nature. Stockholm City is comprised of nearly 30 thousand of coastal island and uninhabited islets. What’s the best way to check out the Sweden’s archipelago other than through sailing! Sailboats now a days now are almost exclusively used for recreation, it’s either for cruising or racing. The sailing and boating scene here is very developed, as evidence with plenty of marinas and harbour along the coast. The sailing season starts from July to September. There are day trips offered by different charter companies around so you are spoiled for choice which island to explore!

Perhaps you like to be a skipper for a day? I was lucky enough to be invited to join an organise sailing trip when I was in Stockholm. The group met up at the Strandvägen Quay 18 about 8 am, we were 7 in the group. And we were then group into 2, the first group went to the fishing boat and I joined the sailing group. I eagerly hop on board to a massive 50 foot long sailboat. Just after a quick briefing and we were given out a waterproof jacket. We then smoothly sailed away from the harbour towards Northeastern direction. The water was so calm but the weather was a bit gloomy. The sun was hiding behind the clouds, and there are times it teasingly comes out and shines softly. Not a bad day for sailing I would say! It was not windy, so the speed was only 2.4 knots to 7.2 knots depending on the wind.

Initially we were all loud and chattering when we embark on board. But as soon as we sailed away from the harbour, we sat down quietly while savouring the peace and quiet atmosphere. Passing through the islets offshore, what a gorgeous unspoiled green nature.Not to mention the typical wooden houses painted bright red, some beautiful summer house and small lighthouses along side.

I even composed a poem regarding my sailing experience! “ As we set adrift dancing over the soft white crested waves, shearing a path through the wind-whipped water. The gentle breezes touches my skin, washing away the worries. And the feeling sets my mind to a restful sailing experience ”. What a great day to taste the Swedish Island life in style!

After the sailing activity we met up with the fishing company and swapped boat with the other group. I love feasting on seafood but catching fish isn’t my forte. But the fishing experience seems so exciting. We speed off away towards a secluded island, a great spot for fishing. The guide started to give us a briefing and demonstration how to set up our own fishing rod.

With our fishing line all set up with those colourful baits and flies, I was ready to catch some big fat fish! The water was nice and calm, our guide mention that there are grayling, trout and  pike in the area. And in no time one guy in our group catch a fish. We applauded with cheers!

After a couple of times throwing my line in the water, and managed to tangle the line numerous times. I realised it’s not my lucky day for catching that big fat fish so I gave up. Instead I just watched the others throwing and reeling their lines. As well as enjoying and soaking in the stunning views of the island, after all the company providing the activity is called Catch & Relax.

After a couple of hours, we headed towards the Island of Vaxholm.The town was establised in the year 1558, the name comes from the Vaxholm Castle which served as defense fortress during the time of King Gustav Vasa. The charming town is very popular for tourist and local alike. Just 20-30 minutes boat ride or bus from Stockholm city. We didn’t explore around but I noticed the beautiful colourful wooden house lined up by the promenade.

As soon as our boat was anchored, we were ushered and welcome by local tourism representative and directed straight to a Hotel. Our lunch was hosted by the Waxholms Hotel & Restaurant. A very popular place for dining, offering a stunning view of the harbour. We were sat by the end corner of the restaurant, with the view overlooking the well preserved castle fortress in the nearby island.

Our lunch was a buffet style, the food counter was over whelming, with different variety of the famous pickled herring, salmon and other fish. I ended up putting a little bit of every dish on my plate, until my plate alone looks like a food platter! We happily feasted on sumptuous meal! With our glass of wines and beers we raised  our glasses and cheerfully say Skål!

After lunch I decided to roam around, a good excuse for my photography stroll before catching the ferry back to Stockholm City. I just walk along the promenade and noticeably there are other people waiting for the next ferry. So I continued my walk towards the fortress. I didn’t have much time to go and cross to the other island, I was just satisfied clicking my camera from the distance.

And soon enough it was time to go back to the city. I haven’t explore Vaxholm as much I wanted to due to time constraint but one thing is for sure, there’s one reason to come back for other visit.

Have you been to Sweden? If you like water activities surely you will love it here! Why not pack your bag and get ready to have fun.

Disclaimer: The activities  was organised by the Stockholm Tourism Board and Sweden Tourism Board. I enjoyed the fishing with Catch and Relax and sailing activities with, although this post is sponsored. I have full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

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42 thoughts on “Sailing and Fishing: A Taste of Swedish Island life!

  1. I guess sailing is one of the norm activities in Sweden, and its good to sail and fish while the weather is fine. It would be adventurous (and scary) when you are being surprised by a sudden bipolar weather.

    1. Yes sailing is usual activities in Sweden especially summer months and we were lucky for the weather wasn’t that sunny but at least it wasn’t raining.

    1. You should try it’s so fun especially if you catch a big fish! But even without catching one the stunning scenery of the island is enough to make up a beautiful day.

  2. I have never been to Sweden. But I would really love to go one day. Your trip sounds awesome. I’d love to do it one day. I can totally get why you were savouring the peace and quiet atmosphere. I did as well for a while when I was on a boat on Key West. I felt so happy!! Love your poem.
    I’ve ever tried fishing. Great that you had some time to roam around after lunch. Would love to go to Sweden and love your story.

    1. It was indeed a great activity. Swedish have this thing called Fika a coffee break in a relaxing way! ( sailing & coffee/ cake = perfect!) But yeah looking at the buffet table, I was excited to try all of the dish.

  3. I love sailing, it’s so much fun. I have never been to Sweden, but I heard it’s beautiful… and I have had friends who go out sailing there and say it’s a great experience. Looks like you had fun.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to Sweden so if I make it there I’ll have to bookmark this post and refer back to it 🙂

  5. This looks like the BEST day! My husband and I love to sail and he is Swedish <3

    I know we are thinking of visiting – I will share this with him.

  6. Now, that makes me wonder why I did I miss Sweden during my Europe Trip. And Sailing sure is added to the list of must do things. The dishes look so inviting.
    And love the poem too 🙂

  7. I have not been to Sweden yet but i have many Swedish friends and friends who live in Sweden who always talk about their activities such as this. I feel really jealous about it

  8. Beautiful post ! I love being on boats , I love the sea , I live surrounded by sea 🙂 Boats is a big thing here on the Canarian islands , but the different environment makes it look even more thrilling. I bet , you enjoyed that trip !

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