Perfect Travel Guide to Nice France and The French Riviera!

Are you looking for a bit of a Frenchy holiday feeling? Here’s a perfect travel guide to Nice France and the beautiful French Riviera. Let’s experience the charming French way of Joie de Vivre !

The French Riviera in known in French as the Cote d’ Azur ( Coast of Azure ) which is the Mediterranean coastline in the South-eastern part of France.

With the amazing discounted flight offers on British Airlines, I landed myself a long weekend in Nice France. The quaint charm of Nice is such an idyllic seaside town for getaway.

Its just perfect place for a quick escape to recharge away from the hustle and bustle of work life.

No matter what brings you to the city, there are certain things you simply have to do when you touch down aside from wandering around the city centre and its neighbouring city.

Perfect Travel Guide to Nice France: Night & Day Stroll Photography

Get lost meandering around the city and admire the stunningly beautiful buildings characterised by sweeping Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture.

The fascinating ornate architecture and colourful pastel stucco balconies is a picture perfect. And a quick visit to some antique shops is not a bad idea either. It doesn’t get much prettier or more alluring than this! Don’t you think?

Perfect Travel Guide to Nice France: Check out the Food Scene

What’s the best way to experience the place than to indulge in the local food. The flavourful cuisine – gastronomes feasting on a mouth watering Oyster platter or a variety of Crustaceans to devour. I guarantee you the fresh succulent and juicy seafood are to die for!

Escargot anyone? First thing first a visit to the French Riviera isn’t complete without trying the local delicacies! I know it’s not something that you crave for, the idea might not be appealing but be prepare for a surprise! The garlicky butter flavour is a perfect appetizer, try some!

In search of delicious seafood my google map has directed me to Boccaccio Restaurant near Massena. The restaurant was busy and there’s a few customers waiting for table yet the waiter happily escorted me upstairs to my table. ( I highly suggest to book a table when dining in groups as the restaurant gets so busy. )

When my order arrived. I munched happily at a full platter of scrumptious seafood, immersing myself in the joys of good food.

Don’t miss out a visit to the outdoor markets! the Cours Saleya Market is an local farmers market open in the morning. It’s a good excuse to try some fresh organic local produce.

The kaleidoscope of sight bursting of different smell and savoury taste around you, a perfect ambience for culinary inspiration!

Perfect Travel Guide to Nice France: Best Place for Panoramic View of the City

There are no better place to see the panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea than to climb up the castle hill. However, climbing up the hill isn’t your typical activity and if you’re too lazy to climb up the stairs, walking along the promenade is always a good alternative.

Why not just head towards the ILoveNice Sign. The view is spectacular especially during sunset.

When evening comes, the twinkling lights comes to life. Relax and feel the cosmopolitan vibes at the cafes bars lined along the promenade, while sipping a cocktail as you watch the sun go down!

Perfect Travel Guide: Day Trips from Nice

If ever you find yourself eager to explore more of the beautiful vast French Riviera. Why not plan for a perfect day trip to the neighbouring cities. Local train in Nice are very well connected to neighbouring cities.

First stop: Monaco! Ever fancy visiting the F1 Monaco circuit? Or just visit the Monaco Royal, Maybe if you’re feeling lucky, there’s Casino for sure! It’s hard not to think Monte Carlo lush red carpet casinos and the shimmering gold gildings! Be prepare to be dazzle!

Fun Fact: Monaco is regarded as the second smallest independent state in the world! There is 1 in 3 locals are millionaires and the most densely populated independent country. And did you know that locals are not allowed to enter to any Casino not unless they work there.

Nonetheless if you don’t want to spend money, and Casino or F1 ticket is not on your budget. Monaco attracts million of tourist by just sightseeing!

When arriving from the train station, just as you walk out from the station you are facing the harbour. It’s a very beautiful scenic walk along the promenade.

Go and wander along the harbour and marble the glitz and glamour. Feel the opulent vibe walking past those moored flashy yachts along the way.

Follow the sign up the towards the Royal Palace or Prince’s Palace of Monaco. The ascent up he hill is a good exercise which offers a very stunning view of the harbour.

The beautiful palace is nestled on top of the hill. The panoramic view is magnificent, have selfie or two! Alternatively join the others for the tourist transport up to the hill.

The gardens is not to be missed out! If the weather is good have your picnic basket ready and enjoy the view!

Next Stop: Cannes! Wandering the streets of the city’s most iconic neighbourhood for the rich and famous. Famed for hosting it’s annual Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival was founded in 1946 which is annually held at the Palais des Fesivals et des Congres, usually in May.

Insider’s Tip:

  • Calling all seafood lovers! Nice France offers a wide variety of platter seafood, go and try them. They are fresh and delicious!

  • Nice France transport is very accessible and a great hub place for day trips by the neighbouring cities.

  • The French Riviera is a picture perfect. Take your camera and start clicking away!

  • If you are planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway these area is definitely the place to be!

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