My Stay at The Farm Hotel Cocoonmeetings

Are you looking for a relaxing getaway?

Have you considered Sweden?

Come and let’s explore Skane’s stunning nature!

Last Summer, I attended a conference in Sweden’s Capital City. And after a week exploring in Stockholm City. I had a chance to explore the Province of Skane, the Southern most county of Sweden. I stayed in the locality of Degeberga situated in Municipality of Kristianstand.


I stayed in a Farm hotel, a converted barns providing an exceptional luxury living condition. The Farm Hotel Cocoonmeetings  provides 2 converted barns with versatile double storey accommodation, with kitchen, lounge and jacuzzi. The reception area is in the main building, together with restaurant & al fresco cafe  and adjacent locally produce souvenir shop. And an isolated building  by field called “The Cocoon”, where they cater for conferences and meetings. The hotel caters for solo traveller, family and group guest, open all year round. With different outdoor activities nearby, it’s the best place to stay and enjoy and get close to the nature. And an eco friendly hotel  generating their own electricity.

On arrival, I was welcomed by  Bodil,  she’s the owner and manager of Farm Hotel Cocoonmeetings. It was very casual check-in, she game me my room key and showed me around. After I had my key I was eager to find my room. It was in the second floor, climbing up the stairs you will first noticed the exposed timberwork and beams. And to my surprise I got my own balcony, allowing an abundance light to the room. With bonus stunning view of a vast expanse of the greenfield. And private stairs to the jacuzzi. There’s a cute red  chair on the corner screaming at me to sit and laze around. But the double comfy bed is calling me, actually I had an afternoon nap!

On that evening they have pizza night. So I joined the other guest for dinner al fresco style. Watching the chef cooking the freshly made pizza on a wooden fired oven, was so amazing! Eating a freshly baked, thin crust pizza. I felt like I was transported to Pizza-La-land! Oh they also have pizza based dessert it was out of this world, so to speak.

If your looking for a great place to stay close to the nature and offers a great outdoor activities, I highly recommend The Farm Hotels Cocoonmeetings. I enjoyed my experience in this hotel, it is a great and unique place to stay and explore the nature nearby.

Insider’s Tip:

Enjoy the Great Outdoor Activities nearby:

The following morning, after a hearty breakfast we went for a hike around the nature reserve.  The Forsakar Nature Reserve, the 2.5 hectares, consist of creeks, waterfalls and dominated by beech forest. It’s has a great walking path with signs well posted. The views were breathaking and there’s a picnic area, good place for “fika time”. Walking into the deep of the woods with the creek sounds on the background. And towards the end of the hike you will be welcome with the stunning Forsakar Waterfalls, a great place to relax before heading back.

If you like cycling, there’s a nearby cycling path. Its only 15 minutes drive to cycling trail starting point. “The Southeast Trail from Ahus to Rigeleje”. It is a 20 kilometres trail, offering stunning views from forest, lakes,coastal and greenfield.

Disclaimer: I enjoyed my complimentary stay at the Farm Hotel Cocoonmeetings. My reviews and recommendations is my own personal opinion have not been influence in any way. Do check out their site for direct bookings

36 thoughts on “My Stay at The Farm Hotel Cocoonmeetings

  1. This is truly a beautiful place and since I am going to be there this summer you just gave me a place for my list. Send along any other spots like this. Really loved the photos, they were done really well. My favorite was the bike on the bridge.

  2. Skåne is famous for having some great relaxing stays. I still haven’t been there, but lots of Danes are going there for a weekend to relax. I saw they of course served “sill” for breakfast – you gotta love Sweden and their weird eating habits 😀
    br, Nana

  3. What a lovely place. I love the outdoors and Sweden is high on my list! I think I know where I will stay when I get to the coutry! 🙂
    That pizza looks delicious.

    1. You will enjoy the Sweden outdoors so much thing to do cycling /hiking holiday its the best place to go for sure!
      Hahaha that evening we had binge pizza time! Every pizza they served was deliciously good.

  4. It looks like such a beautiful place. The area it’s in looks stunning. I will be visiting Sweden this year and I am going to put this area on my list 🙂

  5. You would never know it was once a barn based on those pics! The meals, the fresh air, and outdoor activities all seem like the perfect complements to a countryside retreat.

  6. Totally my kinda place. I’m always interested in staying in places that are in congruence with nature. So if I’m going to Sweden I’ll definitely explore this place!

  7. What I need now the most is this reconnecting with the nature and this looks like the perfect sweet place for that . I’ve been to Sweden but not to this sides, i’ll not be missing it next time for sure. Thank you 🙂

  8. I love that the hotel is isolated, in the middle of the nature, and that you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing time there without the city noises. I bet it’s wonderful waking up hearing the birds singing. The room looks very large and the breakfast selection very vast. Great hotel!

  9. Fantastic views from this farm hotel, especially that bit of the outdoor jacuzzi. I loved all of them. The rooms and the food, too seem perfect. In fact the food looks quite fresh and nice. Glad you had a good time here.

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