My Epic Snowdon Mountain Winter Hike

” Every Mountain Top Is Within Reach
If You Just keep Climbing “

A beautiful quote I found online, so inspiring!

It was  Thursday morning when I randomly decided to join the weekend SNOWDON MOUNTAIN WINTER HIKE organised by Charlie of Snowdon is high on my hiking bucketlist. It was a good timing to join an organised hike. As I  am off for the weekend and nothing special plan, so why not?

I set off for Conwy on Friday so I have time to relax before the weekend hike. Joining the motorway M5-M6 on a Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, and after 3 hours drive I arrived in Conwy. A beautiful countryside in North Wales. Where the famous Conwy Castle was built.

The following day, a quick drive towards Llaberis just after lunch, with few stops while passing some stunning sceneries. I cant help but admire the beautiful nature around. Passing those greenfield, lakes, mountains and hill is so spectacular views. Llanberis is a picturesque village, situated in Gwynedd Northwest Wales. It lies within the Snowdonia National Park, where the highest mountain in Wales the Snowdon Mountain.

I navigated towards the National Slate Museum carpark. Where I’m meeting the group for the afternoon hike around Llanberis area, about 2 1/2 hour hike to break-in for the main Snowdon hike for the following day. Slowly the hikers turning up about 1 pm, I then gathered that the groups are from Milton Keyes, Liverpool, local from Wales, London Area, Me from Cheltenham and as far as Bournemouth, a varied mixed I would say. We started the hike about 1:30 pm,  from the carpark we followed the eastern bank of Llyn Padarn lakeside trails.  We slowly ascended towards the Llaberis hill just behind the Slate Mine. Passing the Quarry Hospital and the mortuary, stopping at the viewpoint overlooking the stunning Llyn Padarn Lake.

Then heading off into the woodlands, a wonderful walk with waterfalls and streams along the way. And we even saw Mountain Goat, there was a joke about it we call it  “Horny goats”. They roam freely along the slopes and cliff faces but easily spotted through their white, gray or black fleece but they are very wary and shy away from people. By the distant valley there’s the ruined Castle Dolbadarn and continuing the walk passing the quarry area and old housing for quarrymen.

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After almost 3 hours hike we drove towards Caernarfon, where we stayed for the night. I decided to have an early night and rested my feet up, ready for the main hike to Snowdon the following morning.

Waking up early for the 8 am start. I had a hearty full English Breakfast, with my backpack I’m ready for more hiking! Snowdon winter hike here we come! We started the ascend at 9 am following the Llaberis trail, the day was so gloomy and drizzling. We were warned that the starting point was concrete and steep slope, just 2 minutes walking up hill my thighs are already aching. I was thinking how will I manage to hike for another than 5 hours more!

But passing the concrete trail, we were greeted with breathtakingly stunning views. My creative mind takes over, with my camera at hand I was happily clicking it away. To the point that I was very behind by the group, but I was with Rob(mountaineer) who was with Charlie the organiser. He was with me along the way, he even lend me his hiking poles. Just before we reached the midpoint, the sun was teasingly coming out giving a stunning backdrop of the mountain peak and the dramatic effect of the low clouds and fog. It was a picture perfect so to speak!

The drizzles has stopped and the sky has slowly cleared up, but the more we continued our ascend it’s more foggy as we reach the midpoint house. At some point the visibility was getting worse, you can only see 3-4 meters clear ahead. But that didn’t stop my determination to reach the peak! After 3 hours trails along the muddy, rocky path and crumbly surface and added sweats.

We have reached the summit and just in time for lunch. Reaching the summit was a struggle but having lunch at the peak of SNOWDON  the highest mountain in WALES  1,085 meter high, it was an epic experience!  After the obligatory selfie, it’s time for lunch. Sushi anyone? Yes it’s fine dining at it’s best- way better than Michelin Star restaurant.

After lunch just before we start our descend back to the meeting point, we agreed to climb another summit! A bonus hike at the second highest mountain the GARNEDD UGAIN 1,065 meter high! We had few photos and in no time we where heading towards the base. The hike was unforgettable experience, even though the weather wasn’t great. Rain or shine the breathtaking scenery everywhere you look has not disappoint. Snowdon Winter hike was an amazing experience! While I’m finishing this article I have another hike booked in Brecon Beacon in South Wales.

Insider’s Tip:

If in the area try to go and visit the The National Slate Museum. Although the place is no longer operating as Slate quarries, the place attracts many tourist for the Museum, that will take you back in time to imagine  the fascinating insight into the quarrymen in it’s glorious days.

Don’t miss out to go around the lake, its 5 miles trail with stunning views of the Lllyn Padarn lake. If you are in the area during summertime, don’t forget to bring your picnic mat.

Nature Photography enthusiast come along with your camera kit and you’ll enjoy your day out in Snowdon.

Are you an outdoor fanatic and wants to push your limit? Go for a hike or climb a mountain but no one to go with? Check out they offer hiking adventures in different location around U.K for exciting outdoor experience.

46 thoughts on “My Epic Snowdon Mountain Winter Hike

  1. I had never heard of the Snowdon mountain before, but it looks like such a nice hike. One for our list! Oh, and that sushi sounds like such a good idea for a winter lunch!

  2. That is quite an adventurous experience. I am back from a hike and I can relate so well to your experiences particularly having food after the long journey 🙂 Views are indeed stunning.

    1. It was adventurous experience…. i love hiking/ walking but this one is different actually climbing the highest summit in Wales UK was an epic experience! Pushing your limits sometimes are so rewarding.

  3. What beautiful scenery for your hike. I loved how pristine your delicate sushi lunch still was by the time you reached the top of the mountain, normally by lunch time I’ve managed to swash and mangle any food in my pack beyond recognition, I need to learn your packing skills.

    1. Yes the scenery was stunning! Hahaha that sushi was well pack and was saving it when I reach the summit to celebrate my hike… maybe next time it will be champagne….

  4. We live in South Wales, we have been to the Brecon Beacons many times but we are ashamed to say we have never visited to Snowden. We must go this summer.
    Should you have started the day with a ‘Welsh’ breakfast.

    1. I use to live in Wales too but never had the chance to go hiking, now that I got the hiking group im hook 🙂 Yes snowdon should be on your list. I got another hike in Brecon next month in Pen y fan it should be good one.

  5. An absolutely gorgeous hike! It’s great you were able to keep going despite the weather and low visibility to reach the peak. That sushi lunch was well deserved 🙂

    1. It’s the guide encouragement and alot of self determination and great people in the group I manage to reached the peak! As well as enjoyed my sushi for lunch 🙂

  6. Sushi on the mountaintop, brilliant. Hope you brought some sake as well.
    There are certain things in life where you will succeed simply if you just decide not to quit, and this looks like one of them.

    1. Certainly giving up isn’t an option when hiking, the true glory and satisfaction is achieve when you reached the summit…. yes it should be cool when I brought some celebratory drink. Maybe champagne next time!

  7. What an epic hike – with beautiful scenery as the backdrop! The UK can be really pretty, even when the weather isn’t altogether optimal! Sounds like the Sushi was a good idea too – although after a big hike I think I would just want a giant plate of pasta and a glass of wine!

  8. Haha I can’t believe the Sushi scenery shot. Just such a huge contrast haha. Gorgeous hike, would love to plan something like it this year. Need to trek and hike more in my life here!

  9. I can’t imagine hiking that in winter. I did it in July to raise money after my mother passed away and even though it was miserable and freezing at the top. It was a great feeling to finally get back down too although my knees hurt like hell! I personally think it’s the toughest of the three peaks

  10. I admire your full enthusiasm and energy for hiking. I wish I could do that too (i used to hike during high school). Nothings more rewarding after hiking than a full meal and enjoying the fresh breeze of air.

  11. My friends did go to Snowdonia National Park when they went to Wales, but they chose to go up on the mountain railway instead of the hike. I missed the trip though… 🙁
    This looks like a fantastic hike! Tell me something, that sushi is from Sainsbury, right?! 😀

  12. Wow I’ve driven past and seen Snowdon many times, but we’ve still not hiked it yet, it’s on our list! Conwy Castle is cool too, been there. Thanks for sharing your tips and experience, I love your sushi lunch! great idea.

  13. Seems you had an awesome experience. Hikes always rush the blood and that glow is quite visible on your face. Nice clicks. Keep hiking and sharing experiences.

  14. So close to home, and I had never heard of Snowdon before! It looks like a great place for a hike even in winter, the views of the lake from the top of the mountain are just spectacular!

  15. I must confess i am not fan of winter hikes but your pictures show nice landscapes, with a special light. Now I understand why it was on the top of your wish list!

    1. It’s my first time to do an insanely outdoor hiking on winter too! But im glad I did join the group coz it was an awesome experience. As long as dress up to the weather. I’ve booked again for February the hike should be fun!

  16. Congrats on making it to the top of not one but two of the summits! Massive kudos to have taken on the bonus trek after the first one 🙂 Group treks can be a lot of fun because of the commradery and they motivate you to keep pushing on to get to the top. Haven’t made it to Wales yet but would love to take in Snowdon National Park 🙂

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