View from Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills: Circular Route A Great Morning Amble

Being based in Cheltenham I am so lucky to explore and hike around. Cotswold area is very scenic countryside and it’s neighbouring county’s too. This time I’m exploring a small part of the great Malvern Hills following the Malvern Hill Circular Route.

I was so excited for my 30 minutes drive to the meeting point to join the local walking group. As I was approaching the carpark near the Gullet Quarry, the mighty Malvern Hills has greeted me by the distance. 

A very pleasant morning for a walk, the sun was just peaking out from the clouds. The breeze was so refreshing. I quickly put on my hiking boots and grabbed my day backpack, I’m ready for a ramble!

As I spotted the walking leader, we had a quick briefing for our route. Soon we were walking towards the Gullet Quarry. A natural pool set in a fold in steep side of the Malvern Hills with azure waters that offers a mesmerising reflections of the hills! (It used to be popular for wild swimming but now a days it’s been forbidden due to deaths of swimmers occurred in the area). It’s been surrounded with notice boards along the bared wire fence.

Passing the quarry we headed towards slightly steep hill following the Hangman’s Hill route. As we reached the peak, we were eventually greeted by the vast expanse overlooking of a grasslands with a 360 degrees views of wonderful  Worcestershire and Gloucestershire from afar. What a breath taking views!

Then we continue our walk headed towards Herefordshire Beacon. The uninterrupted fantastic views continued, until we reached and passed through a woodland headed to a carpark opposite a hotel.

We took our break and stopped by at a small café shop next to the Malvern Hotel. Most of the group has ordered tea and cake, but I opted for an Ice cream! Yes it’s my reward for the day, who could refuse a caramel toffee and butter pecan flavour!

Just after my ice cream indulgence! It’s time to go back to the trek. We opted for the lower route towards the British camp, passing through the woodland and a slightly steep hill climbed. We were once again following and trekking the  undulating terrain of the great Malvern Hills, towards the common car park.

Insider’s Tips:

  • There are few carparks around the Malvern Hills, we opted for the Castlemorton Common Car Park its near the Gullet Quarry.

  • Proper walking shoes/ footwear is recommended. Bring enough drinks and snack or even a picnic to enjoy at the top of the hill while enjoying the magnificent views.

  • Make sure to bring a map, especially when not in a walking group.

20 thoughts on “Malvern Hills: Circular Route A Great Morning Amble

  1. Sounds like an ample amble when you want to ramble. You can hike all around the hills and brambles. That’s enough of my preamble…. Really, lovely photographs. I love the bokeh shot on the quarry.

  2. Looks like a great trekking route – your photo’s make this very appealing. I live down in the East midlands and this looks very similar to a trekking route close to me.

  3. I have tried to spend time in the Cotswold’s twice and each time my tour got cancelled. This walking route looks incredible, those views were magnificent

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day–I’m very jealous. I would love to climb up Hangman’s Hill for the views of wonderful views Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Can’t wait to try this some day.

  5. A great way to start off the morning. A hike in the Malvern Hills sure promises to be an uplifting experience. I love these morning ambles, one gets to be so close to nature, that its effect is so soothing.

  6. What a fun day.
    The pictures of the scenery are beautiful. The hike doesn’t seem too hard and as a person who doesn’t hike too often I think I would like this. However, I would definately be rewarding myself with ice cream too.

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