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Malta: My Winter Sun Escape

Ending the year in style, it’s time for winter sun escape to one of the most beautiful Mediterranean in sunny coast of Malta.

I have been contemplating for a more relax getaway as per usual adventurous travels. A perfect time to relax and unwind. As the gloomy weather and the dark nights, It’s about time to jet-off and top up my suntan.

A spinning millennia with an astonishing array of things to discover. And wherever you go, the Islands’ scenery and its stunning architecture provide a spectacular backdrop. The striking honey coloured stone washed against the deepest of Mediterranean blue bays.

Where to stay?  Started my journey in Mellieha,  is a beautiful hilly town located in Northwest coast Malta. A popular for its sandy beaches and the stunning natural environment. And a bustling tourist destination during Summer season. As evidence of luxury spa hotels that offers a relaxing atmosphere and great spa facilities.

I stayed in Maritim Spa Hotel and enjoyed my evening pampering time after a lovely day wandering around the nearby places. The hotel also offers rooftop pool and the views overlooking the Mellieha Church is an added bonus.

After a couple of days in Mellieha, I packed my luggage bag and headed to Sliema. In contrast to previous place Sliema and St. Julians area is more busy and has a bustling atmosphere, seems like the centre of parties and you can easily spot tourist and expat in the area.

Island hopping anyone?  Mellieha was a great location based, if you are planning to visit the other islands such as Comino and Gozo. I had a chance to do island hopping and went for a day trip to Gozo. There are also organised tours from Sliema.

Gozo is the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. It’s most iconic landmark location of the Azure window, with the stunning natural arch on a sea cliff. A perfect place for scuba diving. ( Unfortunately the Azure window was naturally destroyed with a bad storm last March 2017). The area offers a magnificent view of the deep blue sea, and a great area for hiking too!

Let’s dig into the history:  Come and let’s explore the 7000 years of history, and its traditional culture, yet lively and passionately in the present. A Mediterranean melting pot of mixed cultures from their French allies, Italian, British and Middle Eastern. As evidence with their good food and language to mention a few.

Mdina is an ancient walled city, also known the “noble or silent city”. A beautiful and extraordinary place to explore its stunning medieval and baroque architectural design.

Valletta a perfect blend of traditional features and modern comforts. It was a perfect timing when I visited. The whole Valletta city was preparing for the European Capital of Culture for 2018. They have commissioned a local architect to work on the Valletta’s City Gate and the Old theatre house, the modernist design has caused controversy to the locals.

Any Game of Throne’s Fanatic?  Come and join me on my photography stroll in some of the film locations!

Let’s start in Gozo! Long before the GoT the Azure Window has been an iconic landmark of Malta. The beautiful natural arch on a sea cliff located in the Western part of Gozo. This place was the film location for Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo’s wedding. ( Unfortunately the Window of Azure has collapse on March 2017, due to unavoidable natural corrosion).

Now moving on to Mdina. Mdina City Gate, it’s fortified walls was perfect for the medieval look for the TV series,  it was the Kings landing on the first episode. Where they shot Ned Stark and Catelyn while saying their farewell, just after the Kings death.

Lets visit the most colourful village in Malta! Masaxlokk is the only remaining fishing village in Malta. Aside from the historic significance of the village it is also the most colourful and picturesque village in Malta. Absolutely a day out is not to be missed!

Try some local cuisines! Rabbit anyone? It’s my first time to try rabbit, I was amazed I did loved it! It tasted like a chicken. During my stay I had rabbit dish twice! If you are not very adventurous with your food, don’t fret Maltese cuisine is similar to Italian, so pasta and pizza are everywhere. Any seafood lovers here? You will definitely love the freshly catch fish on your plate!

Time for some Wine culture! Are you ready for Maltese Wine? Every place I visit I make sure to try their local wines and beers. I was lucky to be invited to visit the Marsovin Cellar and was catered for a wine tasting too! Marsovin cellar is located in Paola near Marsa area. Just before the wine tasting, Bernard the wine specialist has thrown in some history of Marsovin.

Marsovin was founded by Anthony Cassar in 1919, they have five vineyard estate around Malta and Gozo which produced  fine premium quality wine. Marsovin synonymous with dedication and passion of culture wine, as evidence with their production of limited editions that qualifies as Boutique wines.


They even produce wine dedicated to the past Grand Master’s  of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This specific wine comes from the Marsovins vineyard estate in Rihana. A well presented bottle with every Grand Master coat de arms, a very expensive wine added to wine collectors to be opened on special occasion!

DISCLOSURE: I enjoyed my experience as a guest at the Marsovin Cellar with the complimentary wine tasting but received no further remuneration to write this post. I retained full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

Insider’s Tip:

  • Malta was a British colony for over 160 years, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re in a British soil! They drive on the left side of the road, and you’ll notice the red mail post boxes and red telephone booths everywhere.
  • If you’re looking for relaxing getaway, I highly suggest to stay in Mellieha area, there are lots of Spa hotels with stunning seaside views.
  • And If you would rather be at party scene Sliema and St Julian area would be best for you. offers a bustling atmosphere with plethora of bars and restaurant.
  • Valletta is the main transport hub of the island, if you are depending on public transport. I highly suggest purchase the Tallinja card, there are different options from Explore/plus unlimited 7 days, or 12 Single day journey depends on your need.

36 thoughts on “Malta: My Winter Sun Escape

  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and present Malta in full glory – I like the golden feel to all of them 🙂

    I love island hopping too, and its great that islands like Comino and Gozo can be accessed through that…would be wonderful to enjoy the sun on the boat 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Malta! Mellieha sounds like such a cute town — and I love that it’s a great hub for island hopping. Your comment re: the British influence made me laugh — I feel that way when visiting many countries they once colonized.

    1. Mellieha is like the posh area of Malta- spa hotels everywhere and the views are stunning. Hahah yeah the British Influence still present up to this moment of time, phone booths and mails boxes too!

  3. i hate to admit it but I always thought of Malta as a destination for ‘older’ people. Now maybe it is because I am older, or perhaps it is because I keep seeing amazing blog posts about it, but it is definitely creeping ever higher on my list. It looks like a great place for a weekend visit.

  4. I have visited Malta when I was still a teenager in 2002! That’s a long time ago. It’s really great to read this article and see these places again. It’sso sad that the Azure Window collapsed, I remember very well walking on it. I like the special feel of your pics. Could you go to the Blue Lagoon of Comino too?

    1. You are lucky you had a to see the Azure Window, but Gozo is still nice to explore.. Yes you can visit blue lagoon and comino- now a days there are day trips to go and visit the islands

  5. Malta looks splendid. I love all of the colors of red and blue. It seems like a great place to catch some sun and recover. I have a new saying too. Instead of saying everything tastes like chicken, I can say it tastes like rabbit. I remember two rabbit meals in particular with different outcomes. My first day as an exchange student in Paris my host family made rabbit. I was a most ungracious guest. A little while later, I was on a Boy Scout campout and somebody cooked some rabbit over an open fire. I dug into the meat with my fingers like some kind of savage. In both cases, I was a little savage, but I enjoyed the meal more the second time.

    1. Malta indeed a great place for winter sun holiday and perfect for relaxation getaway too. It’s good you gave it another try for Rabbit- for me I always love to try local cuisines and their specialty and i did love the rabbit dish.

  6. I love Malta, especially Valletta and Mdina. I was there last year and explored Mdina for the first time. I was excited when our tour guide said that Game of Thrones was film there! Your photos are beautiful and has made me want to return soon.

  7. Amazing blog on Malta, you make it so desirable. 🙂 The colors have stunned me. I may not try the rabbit dishes but sea food – yes! Visiting film locations is always fun isn’t it?! 🙂

  8. The photo without the Azure Window, that looks so weird now and sad. But its all part of Earth’s destiny and history etc 🙁 Loved following your Malta adventures on social media when you went and this post is a great read and looking at the photos, it brings back great memories of when I visited Malta back in 2007. Great post 🙂

    1. Thank you for following my Malta adventure, yes it’s a bit weird going to Gozo without the Azure window the locals were devastated but you can’t stop nature (corrosion, storms etc.)

  9. Gozo and Valletta look absolutely incredible! I’ve been dying to visit Malta (I’m a massive GoT fan – guilty as charged), and these photos are making me want to book my flights immediately. Thanks for sharing the handy travel tips!

    1. I love Gozo such a stunning place to explore so much of natural beauty. Hahha GoT i have visited some of their film locations around Europe and few more on my list£

  10. Thanks a lot for your detailed article, it brought back my last’ years memories from Malta. I have been to Mdina and Valletta that you also recommend. It’s true that one can still feel the British influence there!

    1. Yes British influence are noticeable in every corners- the bright red telephone booth against a honey coloured stonewalled building. It doesn’t look perfectly fit for the location but it’s there!

  11. We have a friend who visited Malta few weeks ago! We have heard only great things about Malta and we have to say that it is not so far from where we live!
    We have to plan a trip as soon as possible 🙂

  12. Wow Malta looks amazing! Ive just put it on my list! Ive never even seen Game Of Thrones, maybe Im the only one but looks intriguing now!
    You cant beat a place with great scenery and wine!
    Thanks for sharing and your pics are fabulous!

  13. Thank you for this post, it was only a couple of weeks back that I was looking for more information on Malta because I want to plan a visit there this year. The place looks like the perfect combination of history, gorgeous beaches and a lovely vibe. I love all your pictures! Especially of Gozo and Mdina.

  14. Years ago when we first moved to Europe, we were finally going to get our open water dive certifications. We were thinking we’d do that in Malta. I hear Malta has nice wrecks, but we prefer coral reefs so we put it off. We’ve never been to Malta.

    I don’t know that we’ll dive there, but I’d still like to visit. It looks so pretty! And this is the first I’ve really read about Maltese wine, so that immediately interested me. I’d love to visit some wineries there.

  15. The pictures and the editing to those are so beautiful. It makes Malta look dreamy and awesome. Byzantine-ish buildings, lovely blue skies – that is more than enough for me to fall in love. Hopefully I get to explore this place – especially Masaxlokk.

  16. I went to Malta last January and it was definitely a perfect place for a winter escape! Its such a lovely island, full of history and wonderful architecture! Its so sad about that Azure window! I wish I went there to see it before it got destroyed 🙁 Love your photos they very unique!

    1. It is indeed a great place for winter getaway its not far from my home based UK and the weather is significantly better and warmer compared to UK gloomy rainy day

  17. The mellieha church looks gorgeous. I heard about the Azure window collapsing and I was devastated. Great color on your photos. OMG GOT! I would visit the town of beautiful colors any day. Love it.

  18. Beautiful! My first encounter with Malta is that time when I worked as an SEO specialist for Travel Republic. The charm of the place truly captivated me. As a rock climber, those rock formations are truly mesmerizing!

  19. What a lovely trip and the places you covered are really so exotic and charming. Mellieha is simply out of the world and the church so sublimely beautiful. Gozo looks out of this world and no wonder it is a GOT location. Miss the pictures of the Azure Window though.

  20. Its a great adventure in Malta, I never have seen what types of beautiful place, all the picture are outstanding, and its a great inspiriting for us, As an adventure junkie, I visited all over the world to saw all the amazing places. Now I planning to fix my next trip will be here. I am really excited to explore all those places, I will stay in Maritim Spa Hotel, and my main target is the Marsaxlokk colorful fishing village, fishing is my most favorite hobby, and must taste the wine, all of your tips will help me a lot to feel the best travel experience. thanks for making my heart beat faster, and inspire to travel here.

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