Exploring Luxembourg in 24 hours

You can explore Luxembourg in 24 hours and a perfect place for a weekend getaway!

I have been wanting to visit Luxembourg for a while back now and when I had a chance and check out flights I managed to bag a cheap flight! Hurray Luxembourg here I come!”

I didn’t realised Luxembourg is such a small place and you can explore within a day or two! But guess what, I have stayed for four days. So imagine me walking around in circle photographing same building and places after my third day! But Luxembourg is so pretty, so come along and let’s have a stroll! Here’s my tip that you can easily explore Luxembourg in 24 hours.

Luxembourg ( also called Letzeburg ) is the capital of the Grand Duchy is a cosmopolitan and modern city which is steeped in history. Also commonly called the “Green Heart of Europe” because it’s surrounded with attractive landscape and greenery.

A small European country landlocked and considered quite affluent historically. Luxembourg city is perfectly perched upon an ancient rock to the south of the Luxembourg plateau, is famed for its fortified medieval old town.

Are you ready for a stroll? I stayed in Novotel Suites for this visit and is conveniently located in the European Quarter, a short walk to the MUDAM and Philharmonie Luxembourg. On my first day of wandering I was crossing the Grand Duchess Charlotte bridge and the view overlooking the Alzette river and Pfaffenthal  quarter was so pretty.

After a couple of camera clicks, I have decided to visit the historical Pfaffenthal Quarter. Crossing the Pescatore Park I noticed the lift entrance to my left. I was so excited towards the end of the walkway, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the village while standing on a glass floor! ( I hope you don’t have fear of height because the view is breathtaking!)


Pfaffenthal lift glass is 71 metre high, offering a stunning view of the Luxembourg while descending to the quarter and free of charge.” The Pfaffenthal Quarter is a picturesque artisan neighbourhood and you can still see the remnants of the Roman past.

While walking around the village I saw a sign for Fort Thungen also known as the “Three Acorns”( in reference to the shiny golden acorn that sit atop of each tower). Before reaching the fortress you need to hike across an uphill park, but the every step is worth is as it gives a panoramic view of the city in high elevation.

Let’s keep exploring! There’s a big chance during your stay in the city you get to see and spend some time in this place! Place de Armes also refer as Plëss by the locals. The square is centrally located in the fortified Old Town, the first version of the square was known as the Neumarkt ( New Market ).

It was then redesign into smaller square as now known Place d’Armes, used to be parade ground for the garrison. But now a days, the square is a pedestrian zone surrounded with cafe’s and restaurant. The plaza also serves as stage for different performers like bands every Sunday and special days as well as flea market site.

During my visit the city is celebrating the Samba de Luxe, there are different activities and bands playing around the square. The vibrant atmosphere around making me sway along and tap my toes to the sound of samba music!

Art Lovers anyone?The Museé National Histoire et d’Art ( MNHA ) , displaying artworks and artefacts from Luxembourg history. The wide range of Luxembourgish paintings from the 18th to 20th century as well as it houses ancient sculptures and contemporary arts. From local artist along side with foreign artist. There’s also a display of Victor Hugo’s artwork when he made a sketch of the Schengen Castle old tower. And the best part the entrance is free of charge!

While visiting the Fort Thungen why not go and visit The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art ( MUDAM ) it focused on collection of world renowned contemporary art. The unusual glass building itself is impressive enough to give it a visit too.

Looking for a scenic route? The city of Luxembourg is so pretty and it’s not hard to love this place! If you had enough walking around the street of the city, why not head towards the Grund. The Grund is located in the valley of Alzette river.

It is a stunning medieval area offers a scenic riverside promenade crossed by two rivers, the Alzette and the Pétrusse following the Wenzel Trail. Get your walking boots ready and packed lunch while enjoying the stunning views!

Try the local Luxembourgish food! I was looking for a local restaurant around the city centre, but in to no avail most of the restaurant was Italian, to Chinese cuisine. The influx of Portuguese immigrants has also affect Luxembourg’s recipes.

The food is inevitably influenced by neighbouring countries such as Germany and France. But luckily I met an Italian expat that has suggested this particular restaurant. And I didn’t waste anytime, on the following day I booked myself a table for dinner!

It is located in the Grund area, Mousel Cantine is a traditional French cuisine. But also served Luxembourgish dish to match their locally brewed Clausel beer. I was told to try the grilled pork knuckles, wash it down with a unique Clausel Gezwickelt an unfiltered beer served in ceramic tankard ( a blonde ale beer and not too heavily hopped ). After this classic Luxembourg sumptuous meal, my belly was fully satisfied and I’m ready for more wandering!

After a day of exploration I have stumbled upon this place! I was just looking for a place to grab a coffee, but as soon as I entered to the Oberweis. I was welcomed with mouth watering chocolates, cupcakes and so much more kind of sweet you can imagined display in front of me! It’s like I have been transported to a sweet sweet dream!

So I sat on the corner and savoured the refreshing mixed berry iced drink and a piece of delectable chocolate cake topped up with crunchy honeycombed and pistachio nuts!

Step into Fairytale World! Are you looking for your Knight of Shinning Armour? Luxembourg is a perfect example of fairytale destination! Why not go and visit the Grand Ducal Palace, where the Grand Duke of Luxembourg official residence with his wife, the Grand Duchess Maria Theresa. And fascinatingly watch the royal guard marching along the premises.

I didn’t have the chance to visit the Vianden a beautiful medieval town famous for its castle, its about an hour drive from Luxembourg. Maybe a good excuse for another visit to Luxembourg next time, who knows! 

Insider’s Tip:

  • How to get from the airport to city centre, catch the Bus 16 and you can purchase your ticket to the driver and its valid for 2 hours.
  • Go on and face your fear of heights! Go and try to stand on the Pfaffenthal lift glass floor, for once ignore your knees are shaking of fear, but enjoy the panoramic view it has to offer overlooking the Pfaffenthal quarter. And using the lift is free, the lift is large enough to accommodate pedestrian and bikes too!
  • A visit to the Grund is a must! Aside from a beautiful river views from the trails. If you are travelling with kids there is a playground area and there’s even a free train ride for sure the kids will love!

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16 thoughts on “Exploring Luxembourg in 24 hours

  1. Cool post. I enjoyed finding out more about Luxembourg. Like you, I would have hunted down some local food because I think the cuisine is so important to any place

    1. Oh definite my agenda hunting for a local food after wandering around a new city, best part is savouring the local cuisine after a tiring day of sightseeing.

  2. How nice to meet an expat to teach and guide you where to find the best resto in town! That pork knuckle sounds mouthwatering! And after even tho you didn’t find a coffee shop you were directed to sweets! Who would decline such? Love it! I’d also like to visit Luxembourg even just for a day but if I have enough time, I could stay longer!

    1. Yes its a bonus meeting an expat and showing me around and giving tips on restaurants to try. I would love to go back and explore the nearby places too.

  3. Next time I am in the area and have a day to spare, I am going to Luxembourg. It seems like just the kind of city I would love. Art galleries, coffee shops and tons of green.

  4. I think four (4) days in Luxembourg is such a cool idea, despite it being small and can be explored in a day. I’m usually afraid of heights, but I think I’ll try to stand on the Pfaffenthal lift glass floor for the gorgeous view! 🙂 And the Grand looks so amazing!

    1. Luxembourg city is so small but there are so much things you can do and visit like the Grund you can easily spend an all day wandering around in that area.

  5. Luxembourg is such an exotic and charming place. I think it is a great idea to spend more time here and explore it in great detail. Walk around the town which has such an old world charm. The photos are awesome and bring alive the charm of the place in vivid colour and detail. The fort and museum of modern art are places that I would absolutely love visiting apart from strolling around in the city.

    1. Luxembourg City is indeed a charming place to wander around. And Yes the museums as pretty amazing too and you can spend all day wandering around the different museums in the area. Or even visit the nearby city too!

  6. My husband did a day trip from Brussels once and said that while Luxembourg city may be covered in a day but the region needs a few days to explore, especially if you are into nature and castles.

  7. Great photos! I havent really given Luxembourg that much thought, and just realized through your post that it is beautiful! When I go there, I’d probably go up the Pfaffenthal lift while crying the whole way up!

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