Killarney National Park

Killarney: A Journey of Fun and Adventure!

The Summer heat is over for another year, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop now! Autumn has definitely here! Why not embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Where natural beauty, wildlife and culture overflows like its lush, rugged dramatic landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Coast. And the deep and mystical landscapes of the north that can blow you away!

It’s my second time here in Ireland but this time  I will be based in Killarney to experience and discover first hand  the culturally rich and environmentally diverse part of the West Coast before heading Up North.

If you’re seeking inspiration for new adventures either hiking,walking, kayaking or cycling. You are spoilt for choice whatever the weather! But expect rain, anyway, this is Ireland! They have dramatic weather, imagine four seasons in a day I’am not even exaggerating it! So sunshine would just be a bonus, but not fully required to have fun!

Are you feeling adventurous?

So are you ready for some adventure. Come and join me and lets experience Killarney together! A place that’s full of  promises FUN for sure!

Killarney Town is located on the shores of Lough Leane in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry. Set in the midst of majestic scenery of spanning lakes, waterfalls and woodland extending a skyline of 1000m-plus peaks.

I was lucky to join a kayaking activity around the Killarney lakes. It’s one way to explore and enjoy the beautiful National Park.  We had a quick safety briefing and basic kayaking skills. Soon we were paddling away of the banks, out on the water heading towards the Castle.

An exceptional opportunity to explore the stunning views of the lakes overlooking Ross Castle. Ross Castle also known ( Caisleán an Rois in Irish Gaelic ) is a beautifully preserved 15th-century tower house. Lies on the edge  of Lough Leane a dramatic backdrop of the lake.

Kayaking around the lakes was  exhilarating and relaxing, this brilliant day out experience will not disappoint! The kayak activity was provided by WildnHappy. Check out their site to book this activity.

The Killarney National Park, sprawling over 10,236 hectares, exploring the place is more fun when cycling around. The area is covered with ancient oak woods, with stunning panoramic views of its highest mountains.  There you can also find the wild herd of native red deer and the Kerry cows. The cycling activity was provided by Rent-a-Bike. Do check out their site to book it directly.

If you rather choose to walk around the Killarney National Park, get your hiking boots ready! There’s a beautiful trail to the Torc waterfalls, ruined abbey and Muckross House that draws millions of crowds. With every turn there is a beautiful spot for landscape photography. I can’t stop taking photos! A very scenic I would say and I highly suggest this walking tour. The  walking activity was provided by WalkHikeBike.

Killarney is famously known for the Ring of Kerry scenic drive, and also offers 200-km Kerry Way walking trail. I met a lovely couple who dragged me along for their road trip to the Ring of Kerry.

The twisting narrow roads that lead to the breathtaking lakes and astounding mountain views, does make you dizzy but the total experience was amazing!

We continued our drive toward the most photographed areas, the Ladies View with the vast panoramic view of the lakes and the mountains afar, I can say it’s stunning place! The soft clouds suspended in the air, reflecting the sunset, it’s pure Magic!

As we watched the setting of the sun hiding behind the hills and valleys. The clearness of the crimson skies reflecting its lights to the lake, is such a romantic view! What a fantastic way to end a beautiful journey!

After a long and tiring day wandering around and taking in all the spectacular views, it’s time to relax and unwind. Why not enjoy some Irish coffee! I had a chance to make my own Irish Coffee we were hosted at the Hannigans Restaurant manage by International Hotel Killarney, it was a fantastic experience making my own behind the bar counter!

As I raised my glass Sláinte! Hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed my time in Killarney Ireland.

Disclaimer: Even though all the activities was arranged and provided by  Fāilte Ireland, I retained full editorial control and all opinions are my own.

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Insider’s Tip:

  • If you are looking for great adventures,West Coast Ireland offer different varieties of outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling or just go for a scenic drive. Surely you will be wowed with the stunning sceneries!
  • Those of you who are Hikers! Don’t ever dare not to bring your hiking boots! The area offers a great hiking trails. That is for SURE!!
  • Night Owls- Party people don’t despair, every Irish pub offers live music while sipping your whiskey or drinking your pint of Guinness! Why not join the locals do their tap dance too!

36 thoughts on “Killarney: A Journey of Fun and Adventure!

  1. Killarney looks enchanting.Indeed the stuff that travel dreams are made of. Kayaking, cycling, walking in the pristine environs is indeed something right up our lane. The beautiful landscapes are bewitching. Indeed the right mix of adventure and tranquility.

  2. Oh! I don’t know what looks the best… kayaking or hiking?!?! I love both. It’s awesome when a national park provides many different options like that!

  3. County Kerry is gorgeous and you’ve certainly done it justice in this piece, and the pictures, which are so stunning (particularly the one kayaking with the castle in the background and some broody weather). I love the outdoors and history, so it really is a perfect place for me. Plus who could pass up the chance to make their own Irish coffee?!

  4. I visited Ireland almost 10 years ago now, and did a bus tour with 30 odd other 18 year old gap students, so there was a lot of drinking, which sadly makes the memories a little more difficult to recall (though I maintain that drinking in Ireland is a cultural experience!) But I do recall a visit to Killarney, and the beautiful National Park.

    Kayaking up to Ross Castle and then biking around the park sounds amazing – And Torc falls is really pretty. Would absolutely do Ireland independetly the next time I head back, and rent a car for the Ring of Kerry – your photos are incredible, and I’ve heard such great things.

    1. It’s about time for another visit in Ireland then, I highly suggest county Kerry area and Killarney. So much to see and lots of outdoor activities too!

    1. Thank you for visiting, yes it’s my favourite thing to do kayaking when ever i can when in new place. You can see different view from the water while kayaking.

  5. OMG The ladies view looks to die for. So incredible!
    I def wanna visit Ireland now (missed it last time as I had a UK visa and I would need a separate one to enter Ireland – more paperwork on the go, no way!) but def wanna visit Killarney after seeing your rad pics.

  6. This is why I love Ireland, beauty, cliffs, the sea, mountains fabulous friendly people. Your photos are magnificent and I was just drooling over them. Killarney is one place I have yet to visit, but soon I get to stay in N. Ireland for 6 months so planning my trips very carefully as I want to see every inch of the country.

  7. We will be in Ireland for 7 days in March and we are extremely excited. This is definitely a page we will hang on to. We are extremely excited about all of the scenic drives.

  8. This is an absolutely stunning place. The lakes are so pristine and beautiful and yes, you are so right that this is a hiking paradise. I definitely would want to do some of those trails if I ever visit here. You have clicked some really beautiful pictures of the place.

    1. Yes the lake views was beautiful even thought he weather was so gloomy, if you are a hiking fanatic definitely bring your boots and you will enjoy your adventure along the trails with stunning sceneries of the Ring of Kerry.

  9. The natural beauty of this place is amazing. I’ve wanted to visit Ireland for a long time. Killarney definitely seems like a great place to start. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. Kayaking in Killarney Town sounds like an awesome idea. With such pristine lakes and waters, I’d never want to leave. It also seems like a great starting point for a holiday in Ireland. How many days trip you’d recommend to see it all?

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