Highlights of 2018: My Travel and Adventures


I sat here pondering about the what my future travel  adventures unveil for 2019, As I jot down my next year travel plans. My mind wanders over my fantastic travel experience for the year 2018. It’s that  time of the year again to wrap up my 2018 Travel Highlights.

I have kicked off the year 2018 with a bang! My friend has organised a girly getaway to Havana, Cuba, my very first Caribbean country I visited.

Oh please take be back in time while walking along the cobbled street, and the roaring sound of the vintage cars nearby. Sipping a perfect rum cocktail, with the blaring Salsa music in the background.   Here’s the link Havana Cuba: Frozen in Time blog.

I have planned a Birthday Getaway to a few European countries. My first stop was in Luxembourg City, a beautiful city perfect for a day to two exploring the medieval area with the stunning view of the Alzette river.

Tasting the Luxembourgish food while sipping a locally brewed beer. Here’s the link Exploring Luxembourg in 24 hours blog.

Porto, Portugal is perfect for a weekend getaway! A stroll around the hilly listening intently to the city history. While wandering and admiring the building façade intricately decorated with stunning Azulejo tiles.

On the lookout for a romantic view overlooking the Douro River while enjoying a glass of their famous Porto Wine, while watching the sun goes down.  Here’s the link Porto Portugal Perfect City Break blog.

The conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands was mixed of work and leisure. Be mesmerised with the quirky buildings around the city diversely spread around like an open work of art for the locals as well as the tourist to enjoy.

A quick train ride to revisit the city capital Amsterdam for a couple of days, and a day trip to Zaanse Schans is a picturesque  historic windmill village offers a glimpsed of the old industrial past of the Netherlands. Here’s the blog link Netherlands: Is Rotterdam on Your Travel Radar?

I had a chance to travel  around the Ostrava Czech Republic. The  third largest city in Czechia, it was surprisingly fascinating industrial historic place. Wandering around the old town being transformed into a modern cultural city, but there is still evidence of the coal mining factories that are open to the public to visit.

From Ostrava City there are great outdoor activities to enjoy. Exploring the Beskydy Mountain  and Jeseniky Mountain Ranges are great for hiking and most exhilarating outdoor adventures. Do check out the blog links here,  Ostrava: Adventure Haven of Czech Republic & Czech Republic: Exploring Jeseniky Mountains

My summer getaway to Turkey  is the most unforgettable experience for me. Meandering around those dizzying maze of the city capital Istanbul, flocks of impressive mosque and delicious food.

My curiosity piques up and I decided for a road trip around the country. Visited the ancient city of Troy  and Ephesus was enchanting. Soaking up my tired muscle at the ancient Roman spa in Cleopatra’s pool and enjoying Pamukkale’s  surrounding views.

The wonderful  journey completes with a magical experience of Hot air balloon ride overlooking the magnificent Cappadocia.

While I’m writing this blog, I’m packing my bag for a week getaway to Madrid, Spain. It would be my very first visit to the Spain’s city, capital, even though I have been to Barcelona, Girona and Lloret De Mar. I can’t wait to explore and make my way tasting the best tapas in town!

The year 2018 was a wonderful  in regards to my travel. What an amazing travel experience, breathtaking places I have visited, sumptuous meal I have eaten, and lastly  the  charming people I have met along the way have created a wonderful voyage memories to treasure a lifetime.

I would like to take this opportunity to say my gratitude to my family, friends and those people I have met along the way. I wish for the wonderful 2019 to everyone and hoping for more adventures for all of us!

I hope that my blog has inspired you.

Let be year 2019 the time to motivate yourself to see the world,

 I dare you to be Curious and be Adventurous!

Have a great year ahead!



Hi Im Meanne Anneklien, a part time traveller and photographer. I love solo travelling and through this blog I would like to inspire others to travel more. Lets explore and experience first hand the different cultures, customs and sample the world cuisines, and meeting amazing people along our wonderful journeys.

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    1. My favourite for 2018 was Turkey I would love to go back again and maybe do some proper hiking there! It’s such a beautiful country to explore and lovely people too. ( still on the process of writing my Turkey blog post so watch out my adventure there 😊) I will be going back to Morocco with group of friends and Trentino Italy and back to Lazarote

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