Highlights of 2016: My Travels And Adventure 

Before the 2016 year ends, I would like to recap the highlights of my travel adventures. As I looked back it brings me great memories to those bewildering road trips, amazing sunsets, authentic  local cuisines and  wonderful people I have met along the way.

My 2016 started with full of travel surprises. I booked a last minute trip to Denmark Capital City was a nice welcome for 2016, a promising travel adventures. With my friend Kassie, we were happily and merrily meandering around Copenhagen experiencing “hygge” the way Danish spend their days with cosiness and contentment. Dining at a Michelin star restaurant and visiting the royalties at Rosenborg castle and the statue of little Mermaid.



As much as I love Croatia the first time I visited. I went back and spent my birthday in this stunning part of the world, I fell in-love once again. I did a road trip visited Pula and its magnificent Arena, and a quick stopped in Rijeka before heading to the capital city of Zagreb wandering up hill towards St Marks Square. Enjoyed an evening in Zadar as I watched the marvellous sunset by the Sun Salutation. And revisited Split, meandering around the glorious Docletian Palace. And ended up in Dubrovnik following the footsteps of the “Game of Thrones “ stars.


An extended celebration of my birthday in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Admiring the picture perfect Mostar bridge while crossing the Neretva River. As I watched some insane or shall I say brave people jumping off the bridge! And enjoyed walking around the cobbled street while looking for that perfect and quirky souvenir.


Crossing the Bosnian border to Montenegro. And spent a lovely day in Kotor, walking along the harbour watching the cruise ship and private yachts. And managed to hike up the fortress with hundredths steps to the viewpoint, but worth the hike with the stunning view of the harbour.



Beautiful Summer getaway to Sweden. Attended a conference in Stockholm and enjoyed museum visits and had a chance to go sailing and fishing too. Before heading to countryside of Skane to savour the magnificent nature, while enjoying the hiking/walking, cycling adventures.


Great cruising experience from Sweden to Finland. Visited the medieval city of Turku and known the first capital city of Finland. A great day out in Naantali a picturesque harbour and colourful old town. Had the pleasure to meander around the bustling Helsinki city.


A visit to Slovenia, a truly magical place of Bled. Great outdoor experience and hiking adventures around the national park. While chasing waterfalls and stroll along the fascinating lakes. Expeditious days spent in the capital city  Lljubljana, and captivated listening to its folklore stories about the Green Dragon and admiring the beautiful castle perched up the hill.


My first African adventure in Morocco, savouring those sumptuous tagines, and refreshingly sweet mint teas. And capturing the Moorish architectures, the grandeur of the mosque, domes courtyards and not to mention the intricate tile artworks. My unforgettable camel ride experience



As I am writing these round up, I just arrived from Iceland the” Land of Ice and Fire”.  Another random birthday trip for my friend Ching in Reykjavic City. It’s a great way to close my 2016 travels. 


I would like to take this opportunity to extended my gratitude to all who have supported me and my blog for the past years. To all the people I have met along my journeys, who I have shared a meal or a drink, those who joined me on my road trips. And wishing to have more adventures and amazing places to discover for the year 2017.

How was your 2016 travel adventures? Leave your comments below and I would love to hear your stories too.

22 thoughts on “Highlights of 2016: My Travels And Adventure 

  1. Hello Anne!

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime and I do enjoy your stories and your adventures! Hope that this 2017 your adventures will doubled and I wish you more luck!

  2. It looks like you had a brilliant experience there, anyway I felt in love to one of your pictures (that I pinned too :-D), a boat in the middle of the sea, a sun is setting down and ending the light day: Just fabulous! thanks for sharing it, 😀

  3. Wonderful reading your recount of 2016 and I can relate to that feeling of gratitude because I too feel the same for 2016. It was quite a balanced year for me.

  4. amazing! 2016 seems to have been an eventful year for you. The pictures look gorgeous and I quite loves having a visual tour of the places you have visited. I wish you a wonderful year ahead for 2017.

  5. Hello from Zagreb

    I am glad you liked my homeland and even have chosen Croatia to be the place of your birthday celebration!
    You have visited a great part of Croatia. Maybe next time you should visit some Croatian islands and Plitvice lakes National park.
    Hope to meet you one day in Croatia!

  6. Whoa! Looks like you had an epic 2016 and went to some amazing destinations! Wish you a very happy and healthy new year with more travels, adventures and fun!

  7. You’ve clearly had a very smashing 2016. Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Copenhagen all rank very high up on my list! I’ve to admit I’m a little jealous. I managed very little travel in 2016 thanks to a full-time job, but here’s hoping there’s more to look forward to in 2017.

  8. Brilliant itinerary! All of these destinations are on my wishlist and I hope to cross off a few in 2017. Hope your new year is just as amazing and you get to travel to even more fascinating places!

  9. Wow, wow, wow! Your year seems to be so amazing and filled with adventures! You visited so many destinations and captured them beautifully. I hope that 2017 will bring you at least twice as many adventures all around the world!

  10. Wow! Such an exciting year – I could use this as inspiration for future Europe trips. Lake bled seems incredible and I’m impressed you saw so much of Croatia! Hopefully 2017 is even more adventurous :)!

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