Czech Republic: Exploring Jeseniky Mountains

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If you are an avid hiker like me, you are on for a treat come along ! Let’s explore Jeseniky Mountain in Czech Republic and experience it’s stunning beauty!”

Have you ever thought of the Czech Republic as a place for outdoorsy activities? If not,  do come along and I will show you the way and let’s explore Czech Republic beyond the City Capital of Prague.

After a couple of days exploring  the City Capital of Prague, do explore and experience the adventurous side of the Czech Republic! Welcome to Jeseniky Mountain, full of raw beauty and lots of surprises!

From Ostrava with our tour guide and private van full of bloggers, imagine the bursting of excitement and energy that fills the air! We were all eager and ready for fun and adventures!

Blast from the Past:  Our first stop was a quick visit at the Sovinec Castle. Situated in the foothills of the Jeseniky Mountains and is considered the best preserved castle fortress in Moravian Region.

The medieval castle complex was founded around  the 14th century. During the 15th century, it has added the  Gothic style courtyard   from  its original Renaissance and Baroque style. In 1624 the  Knights Order acquired the place.  The fire damage left during the war was then renovated and since it has served as a prison and a base during the WW11, nowadays the castle caters for cultural events,  concerts, and theatrical performances.

Visitors can climb the stunning lookout tower offering a lovely scenic landscape of the Jeseniky Mountain range. You can also wander around to the different courtyards passing along with the local volunteers wearing their period costumes.

There were also different exhibitions of the local re-enactments such as Medieval fencing. Watching the gunpowder firing, the roaring sounds of the gun echoing, and the stench of sulphur in the air, it felt like you are being transported to the previous century.

Water Sport in a Reservoir:  We headed towards the Slezska Harta water reservoir, after 40 minutes drive we were welcomed by the water dam. It is situated Nizky Jesenik mountain range in  the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The Slezska dam was built  in 1987 and during the construction of the dam they demolished villages, that  allows to connect on the upper course of the Moravice River. It is considered as one of the largest  reservoir in the country with  8 km surface. and 80 metres deep.  Nowadays the dam mainly generates electricity and drinking water  supply to the nearby villages and town.

Finally, as soon as we got off the van, we were all eager to explore the place. There are different water sport offered in the area, such as paddle boating, canoeing and kayaking. While the sun was shining so bright and the water is so inviting, and so tempting to just jump off to the water.

But we were scheduled for an hour paddle boating, as we paddled away from the water’s edge towards the vast expanse of the dam. And the forested conifer area surrounds the place completes the relaxing atmosphere, just let your mind absorb the sounds of the nature around.

Stay at the idyllic Mountain Resort:  Where else would be the perfect place to stay, a mountain village brimming with charm rather than in Koprivna Resort Pod Pradedem. Situated in Mala Moravka offering an uninterrupted breathtaking panoramic view of Jeseniky mountain also guarantees  the most clear air in Europe.

The hotel surroundings offers options of recreation, whether you like to relax and unwind at the  outdoor heated pool or book yourself a pampering spa day.

With stylist on-site restaurant offering great local food as well as an amazing view of the valley from the terrace, whilst sipping a glass of bubbly!

The endless possibilities for adrenaline junkies in the fun park nearby! Wide range of activities like cycling on a different path from 3 to 12 km descend.

Suitable for all abilities with graded man made trail from fun trail, spicy free ride, gravity line and down hill  there’s scooters and buggies during summertime. There is a 1350 metres long ski slope perfect for ski experience and snowboarding during wintertime.

After a restful night, we had an early start from enjoying the outdoor pool and a quick hearty breakfast, before headed towards the Fun Park.

Photo credit to Acodreams

With our bike and gear ready, we headed to the ski lift to take us to the starting point of a bike trail. Being un-experience off road bike and my first time down hill mountain biking I opted to follow the Fun Trail.

Even it’s the easiest trail  it was exhilarating fun! Following the muddy and fast flowing single dirt track, there are even times I was just walking along with my bike as I was too afraid to pedal throughout the technical downhill tracks and jumps, while the other riders whooshing past me.

Raw beauty of Jeseniky Mountain:
  A great start of the day, we visited Karlova Studanka a beautiful countryside at the heart of the Jeseniky mountain.

Marvel the beauty of the village and take a deep breath and savour the fresh air, as well at the enjoy the spa facility ( but we didn’t have time for relaxation maybe next time! )

The picturesque village offers the most attractive natural areas that offers plenty of hiking trails and staring point following the NatureTrail Bila Opava.

We followed the Blue and Yellow trail and passing along with  wooded bridges and stairways the hike along the Bila Opava Valley was a picture perfect. The hike following the valley stream and waterfalls, we can’t help but stop for a couple of camera clicks.

Even though it was a sunny day  but the demanding trail offers great vegetation level of spruce and beech making the hike cooler and bearable, while a stop at the spring to have a cool and  drink of spring water was so refreshing!

Unique Stay at the  TV Transmitter:  After a couple of hours following the Bila Opava ValleyTrail, we reached the Praded summit.

Praded  or Great Father is situated in the centre of the highest part of Jeseniky is 1491 metres high. It’s the 5th highest  in the Czech Republic, and a television transmitter is situated on the top with watch tower platform.

What a better way to finished a hike with the 360 degree spectacular views of the Jeseniky mountain range! And bonus we are staying in TV Transmitter hotel, it’s literally the highest possible accommodation in the Czech Republic!

The original watch tower was a stone building with 32 metre high, due to unmaintained condition and exposed to weather it collapsed in 1959, then the new TV transmitter was built 146.5 meter high, providing accommodation, restaurant and watchtower.”

An aching legs and sore muscle won’t stop anybody to enjoy a sunset view! Dragging myself out from my room to the viewing deck was worth it.

What a better way to end a great day hiking shared with amazing people, than a magnificent view of sunset overlooking the Jeseniky mountain  range with a bottle of bubbly at hand! Cheers to a wonderful day!

A kick start to exhilarating activity! To end these jam packed getaway. A visit to the Dlouhe Strane Hydro Power Plant is a must! Situated at the top of Dlouhe Strane mountain at an altitude of 1,350 m high.

Considering the most unique and largest reversible water turbines in Europe. It has become the most visited places on Jeseniky Mountain, offering stunning landscape and also one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic.

If the visit to the power plant is not enticing to those adrenaline junkies out there. Why not descent  with a style! Hire a Kick scooter.For sure it is exhilarating enough to pump up those bloods running through your veins as you whisk along the 17 km downhill at a full speed.


Photo credit to Brogan Abroad


Disclaimer:  Even though I enjoyed my experience as a guest of the Ostrava Tourism Board , however I received no further remuneration to write this post. I retained full editorial control and opinions are my own.


Insider’s Tip:

  • Calling all outdoorsy and adventurous people! Yes, I’m talking to you! The Jeseniky Mountain is for you to explore and enjoy. There are so many hiking trails for you to discover!
  • If you just want to relax and unwind in a peaceful place, I urge you to go and explore Jeseniky Mountain. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and enjoy the magnificent view around you!
  • The photo’s didn’t do justice, it’s only a glimpse! Go discover Jeseniky Mountain, it’s awaiting for outdoor enthusiast like you!

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20 thoughts on “Czech Republic: Exploring Jeseniky Mountains

  1. I see what you mean about the raw beauty here! What a beautiful spot to do all of these activities! I would love the paddle boating with the trees all around! Great destination !

  2. Looks like I need that kick scooter! Well, yeah if I am in Czech Republic, I will definitely need this when I do that 17-km downhill ride! I think I will like it a lot. I googled Koprivna Resort Pod Pradedem and even checked on Tripadvisor, this one is great. I love staying at accommodations that offer superb views of surroundings.

    1. You will definitely love the kick scooter is such a great exhilarating experience. Waking up at the Koprivna Resort is like waking up in a paradise the views around are stunning

  3. The Czech Republic is high on our bucket list! Of course we’ll visit Prague first but going to some off the beaten track places would be awesome too! We’re not quite into cycling (haven’t done it for decades!) but wouldn’t mind to have a nice hike or walk in the countryside! And Jeseniky Mountains definitely seem perfect for that, especially in Spring with all the flowers out there…

  4. I didn’t realize there’s actually so many outdoor thingy to do in Czech Republic. I’ve only managed to visit the big cities like Prague and such. The idea of staying at TV Transmitter hotel is really cool! I would definitely check it out next time besides exploring Jeseniky Mountain and the largest reversible water turbines in Europe. Thank you for giving me some fresh ideas! ?

  5. Sovinec Castle seems to be heritage with fun. All those costumes and scene enactment should be fun to watch. I like the idea of water sports too… The reservoir should also be fun to capture birds. Must consider all these when heading to czech

    1. It was indeed fun visiting the Sovinec Castle and watching the locals re-enacting the past with their full costumes. Added bonus the visit to the reservoir and paddling a boat while listening the chirping birds at the background.

  6. So great to see a post about the landscape of this delightful country. So many people don’t venture beyond Prague. Skimming on the waters with all that green around must have been heavenly.

    1. I was so lucky to explore beyond the capital city of Prague. A few days at the Jeseniky mountains was fun, and felt fully recharge after a couple of days with a beautiful scenery around.

  7. Sovinec Castle looks fab – especially with the costumed medieval characters! I didn’t really think about outdoor activities in Czechia, but this looks like a great area to explore. Hiking around Jeseniky Mountain would be wonderful, and staying in a tv tower – wow!

    1. It was a wonderful time spent hiking around the Jeseniky mountains and the highlights was the stay at the Tower Transmitter hotel in Praded. The stunning views around was so stunning great place to watch the Sunrise and Sunset.

  8. I’ve never thought of the Czech Republic as an outdoorsy place because I always see pictures of Prague. It’s really quite beautiful. When we travel, we like to get out of the main cities and this looks to be about perfect. I love that there is so much to do.

    1. I’m very outdoorsy person and I was glad I have ventured outside the capital city of Prague. Jeseniky Mountains offers a variety of fun and adventures activities, aside from the stunning views around for everyone to enjoy.

  9. Fascinating! I’ve been to Prague 2 years ago and yeah, I never thought of Czech Republic being a country-side touristic spot. I love the thrill of cycling activities and medieval gunpowder shootings, the flower scenery is so lovely esp with the glass of wine. We will consider going to Jezeniky Mountain on our Summer Trip to Europe. Thanks for taking me there for minutes!

    1. For sure you will enjoy your experience at the Jeseniky Mountains, theres so much activities to choose from hiking, kick scooter, mountain cycling and more.

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