Caer Rhun Hall: My Little Getaway Indulgence

Looking for a weekend getaway? 

I was browsing the net for a hotel for my weekend getaway

and I was directed to this stunning Victorian property.

I excitedly and eagerly packed my bag,

ready for a three hour drive journey!

Being a spontaneous sometimes is nice. After I booked my hotel and quickly packed my suitcase, and in no time I was driving along M5 to M6 joining the Friday afternoon rush hour. It was raining and gloomy, the traffic is a bit slow but after 3 hours drive. I arrived in Conwy, driving passed the castle the town’s famous landmark. It was already dark but some part was lit up with spotlight giving a dramatic effect for night photography.  I didn’t bother to stop by because it was still raining, I will just visit it on the following day. I continued my drive to find my hotel about 10 minutes drive away from the castle,  I saw a sign post leading to the hotel driveway. Even it was already dark, the grandeur of the Victorian building silhouette welcomes me to my arrival.

Caer Rhun Hall is a late Victorian Mansion style and a grade II listed building, nestled in the Conwy valley. It was built in 17th century, the Cearhun estate was originally owned by Davie families. Which was then passed on from generation to generation, then it was passed to General Gough. Just recently it is now owned and managed by Giant Hospitality same management with The Llandudno Bay Hotel.

I rang the doorbell, a man wearing his suit and a big smile warmly welcomes me. As I enter by the foyer, the grandeur of the staircase dominates the place. The grand piano at the corner giving the elegance feel of the whole place. I was escorted to lounge and the fireplace caught my eye.  The relaxing ambiance completes by the vintage looking couch, it felt like the leather chesterfield sofa is calling me to laze and enjoy the cosiness of the place.


The receptionist handed my room key and he told me my room was upgraded. Yes! What a great start of my weekend indulgence. Was excited I went upstairs to find my room. The place was so quiet, the only noise I can hear was my bag being dragged along the corridor. I quickly settled in my room, with cup of tea at hand I was reading the hotel history.


Was fascinating how the manor was passed on from generation to generation of Davies Family. The interesting fact was its always passed on to the eldest girls of the family. I rushed down, and Andi the receptionist for the night was by the lounge, and I started asking about the place. He gladly showed me around and threw some history along the way. After the quick tour, I went back to my room for an early night, as I will have a busy day ahead. Meeting with the hikers team.



The following day I was woken up, by the sound of my alarm. I went down to the lounge and the breakfast area. There were few guests already, I sat by the table near the window, a stunning view of the garden. The hotel offers continental breakfast, as well as cooked Full Welsh Breakfast. I opted for the later with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown, tomatoes, beans, mashroom and black pudding ( the only missing is lava bread! ).  I happily tucked in to my breakfast, and just after I took the chance to roam around the vicinity. Taking some photos of the place. And soon I was checking out and driving towards Llanberis to meet up with the team for an afternoon hike.

I had a wonderful time staying at the Caer Rhun Hall, a beautiful manor house with country elegance feel, that truly provides a luxurious experience and offers a stunning picturesque countryside setting. Are you looking for an indulgent weekend escape? Look no further go and check out the place for yourself!

Insider’s Tip:

If in the area don’t miss out to visit the Conwy Castle is situated on the North coast of Wales. It was built 700 years ago  between 1283 to 1289 by the orders of Edward I of England, during his conquest of Wales. The beautiful castle is a medieval fortification in Conwy, it has played an important role in several wars. Now a days it is the most visited by tourist and most well preserved medieval castle in North Wales.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast why not climb the highest mountain in Wales. The Snowdon mountain 1,085 meter high above sea level, it’s only less than an hour drive. If you have the stamina Snowdon hike is a great day out and a added bonus with stunning scenery at the summit. Those faint hearted but still want to see the summit, you can take the train not as rewarding as hiking but you can still enjoy the ride up to the summit with no sweat!

Are you looking for a picnic site,drive towards Llanberis and stop by the lake visit the Slate Mine Museum and have a picnic by the lake. And there’s also a diving centre in the area, fancy diving at the quarry don’t forget your wetsuit for sure you’ll enjoy your day!

Disclaimer: I enjoyed my stay at The Caer Rhun Hall. This post is solely made by my personal experience and honest opinion, not influence in any way. Do check out their site for booking

54 thoughts on “Caer Rhun Hall: My Little Getaway Indulgence

  1. I really like the outside of the mansion and I do like the history of the place but did you ever feel creeped out inside? I feel like I wouldn’t feel comfy sleeping there personally. I think it would be a beautiful place to visit, though. 🙂

  2. Holy moley. Caer Rhun Hall is incredible. That stunning architecture is enough to lure me right in. I would love to stay there. The inside is nice, too, and the breakfast, yum!

  3. The Victorian building looks gorgeous! Very much into vintage interior design, so I’m sure I’d love it here.

  4. I’m actually familiar with Conwy as my welsh side of the family live near there in Llandudno, it is a beautiful part of the country with the natural landscapes. I love listed buildings like Caer Rhun Hall and even better that you can stay in historical properties like this and almost feel like you have gone back in time. It looks like a castle from the outside! I may have to check it out next time I see the family and at least stop for tea 😉

  5. I remember spending a Christmas at a lovely hotel in Wales many moons ago. I dont remember exactly where but it was rather stately and also very green gardens. There was a horseriding school closeby so I went horseriding school and I made a good friend from Peru on that trip. That was when I was living in London. Love your cosy account of your experience, brings back vague memories for me.

    1. There are many old building/stately home now adays converted to a b&b or the hotels. And yes I love my time Caer Rhun Hall it was cosy and the feel of elegance is such a nice experience.

  6. Solo Travel, yay and it looks like a great experience. I agree the little get away looks fantastic and it’s a good chance to have a little time out, chill, relax and recharge. I am looking forward to my next trip and enjoy your next one, too!

    @ knycx.journeying

  7. Caer Rhun Hall looks like an illustration to a fairytale. Cars shouldn’t be allowed to park in front of it. They spoil the mood. A carriage with couple horses – that’s the ticket! The view of the manor from the garden is even better. A splash of blue instead of gray skies and it will be absolutely magical.

    1. Yes i had a nice timenin Caer rhun hall, thank you. I couldn’t agree more for being spontaneous has turned out to be good decision and best experience 🙂

  8. Staying in a historic Victorian Mansion surrounded by nature and hiking sounds like an ideal long weekend! To top it off, the highest mountain in Wales is less than an hour away. Too perfect.
    Thanks for putting this getaway on my travel radar. I won’t hesitate to check out Caer Rhun Hall when in the area

  9. Oh wow what a beautiful building it looks like something out of a film. I wonder if it is haunted did you encounter any spooky going on lol.

    1. Haha I have been asked many times if the place is haunted. NO I didn’t encounter any ghostly experience. I had a good night sleep, the only noise I heard was my alarm and the tweeting birds in the morning.

    1. Yes they have continental breakfast buffet and there’s also cook breakfast upon request- I love that its freshly cook, unlike other hotels it’s already display by the buffet table getting cold.

  10. This place looks amazing! I love how the tradition is different and it’s been passed down to the eldest female! Glad you enjoyed your stay

    1. Yes been passed on to the eldest daughters, it’s because most of the clan’s offspring turned out to be girls. ( and I also found out, on that era when a rich girl marries their husband change their surname to keep the heritage names. )

  11. OMG this is stunning! And a room upgrade is always a fabulous way to start an accommodation experience. I love these kind of stays where the property is an experience as opposed to just a place to stay. So much fascinating history and cultural heritage!

    Thanks for the tip on Conwy Castle and Snowdon mountain … we love the outdoors so are always in the mood for a bit of a climb!

    1. Yes it was indeed an experienced! I think from now on I’ll be on look out for this kind of hotels.
      Yes North Wales offers lots of outdoor activities from hiking, mountain biking/climbing etc.

  12. What a gorgeous manor house! The grounds look so green and I love how the ivy crawls up the side of the house. How fantastic to get a tour of the house. I stayed at a Manor House in the Cotswolds and was fascinated by the history and also hoped all the ghosts stayed put for the night of my stay. 😉 Will have to keep this mind when I visit Wales. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes I was lucky that the receptionist has kindly showed me around the manor. And I had a chance to explore the whole place and hear the fascinating history of the house.

  13. This mansion looks stunning both on the outside and inside! I can only imagine how the life was going on around there in the 17th century. Looks pretty royal! Such a nice surprise that they’ve upgraded your room 🙂

    1. The place has the original features from the 17th century, still screaming of elegance through tge interior. Yes it was a nice gesture for the room upgrade too

  14. The place is stunning! I enjoy staying in places full of character and history as this one. Planning a weekend getaway already!

  15. Aha! Don’t spontaneous plans just turn out to be unexpectedly nice? 😉
    I love this manor so much – it’s victorian and so charming! I’d love taking accommodation here.

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