Bled Slovenia : My Roadtrip and Adventures

Another bucketlist ticked off! It’s been awhile I have been wanting to visit Bled Slovenia. Who wouldn’t want to be mesmerise by the fairytale setting of a church in a middle of lake bled. The picture perfect castle perched up the hill.

Im hitting the road again away from my busy work schedule. A good excuse to savour the last summer heat. And yes! Im off to Slovenia. I have plan out my itinerary well, staying in Bled then continuing my road trip to the capital city of Ljubljana.

We landed in Ljubljana Airport and with just my hand luggage, I swept through the customs. As soon as I got out from the airport, I saw a shuttle service for Bled. Some of the passengers has booked it online, but there’s others like me that just turn up and just pay the fare to the driver. It was a 30 minutes drive from the airport to Bled. Passing through the thick forest of fine trees, orchards and the alps at the background. It feels so remote and the lush greenery was so wonderful. The relaxing holiday mood has definitely kicked in!

The shuttle van dropped me off to my accommodation. A hassle free checked-in and a quick shower. Feeling refresh instantly I was ready for my stroll around the lake. As I was walking through the concrete footpaths around the lakeside, I saw signs of cycling route and banners. Then I found out it’s Bled Triathlon. A yearly activity that is held every first Saturday of September. So I took the chance to watch the event.

After a couple of hours watching I continued meandering around the lake and took so many photos. In every angle and every turn I kept clicking my camera. This place feels so magical, the church in the middle of the lake, the castle that perched up the cliff. It’s definitely a picture perfect straight from the postcard so to speak!

On my second day, I arranged to meet up a local girl named Tina for a stroll around Bled. Little did I know she planned out a great day out activity! We went for a road trip passing through the beautiful Alpine range towering the main road. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe. The Slovenia’s Julian Alps (Slovene: Julijske Alpe, Italian: Alpi Giulie) sharing the Alps borders to Italy. It is where the highest peak of Slovenia the Mount Triglav and the only National Park in the country. There’s this saying that “You’re not a True Slovenian if you can’t climb Mount Triglav even just once in your lifetime”.

The sun was shining and it was a great day for a road trip. Our first stop was in Zelenci. Zelenci nature reserve is located near the beautiful alpine village of Kranjska. The unspoiled and pristine natural surroundings of Zelenci, provides a great walking path leading to the emerald green Zelenci Spring. A very picturesque place and stunning views with the Mountains at the background.

We continue our drive towards Kranjska Gora crossing the Slovenian and Tarvisio Italian border. (Funny thing I didn’t have my passport with me but thanks goodness there’s no border control staff, It was a great relief! ). Just after the border we were greeted by a lush emerald green lake. The Lago di Predil a beautiful spot for a picnic or for a quick dip. Or even better for a camping, there were few campers around at that time. Enjoying the serenity and peace by the lake.

And along the Predil Pass we stopped by at the Herman Fortress. We strolled around the fortress and you can tell that it has been badly damaged by the attacks. It is not well preserved building and tall grasses and trees grown by the grounds.

Following the alpine road we ended up in the base of Mangart Mountain. We did a little trek and found a great spot for a picnic. It’s almost a 6 star fine dining ambience. Stunning views of the alps overlooking the lush green forest and lakes. After eating we took the chance for nature photography and enjoyed the serenity and beauty of the nature.

We continue our journey passing through Bovec area. And visited Boka Waterfalls, we didn’t stay long the waterfalls isn’t forcefall enough for photography session. It is best to visit during spring time when the snow melts and forcefully flow along the rugged cliff.

Instead we went to the riverside and watched the group of kayaker paddling along the rapids. Bovec is regarded as the best water sport area around Slovenia.

Afterwards we then went to Kozjak Waterfall, a very hidden place and needs trekking to be welcome with the waterfalls. After crossing a lush green forest and on the background hearing the flow of the creek along the treks. We saw a sign for the falls and we contnued to follow the trail and a wooden planks. Until the path gets narrower heading to a cave-like grotto carved between a rugged rocks with a shimmering water flowing forcefully. A beautiful sight of a 15 meter high waterfall, with its magical blue and green pool in the bottom. You can take the plunge if you dare the cold water!

We also passed by the Napoleon Bridge which is located near Kobarid. The bridge was built in 1750, and was named after Napoleon when he lead his troops and marched across it on their way to Predil Pass. The original bridge was damage during World War I, it was blown up but then later rebuilt. The view on the bridge is amazing!

After snaking through the Predil Pass we then drove passed Bovec and Trenta area, with a stop in Lepena to see the Soca Gorge. We spend so much time there photographing the gorgeous gorge and walking alongside. Some area looks like a good spot for canyoning. The greenish blue water is so enticing, as if calling you to jumped-in.

It’s almost 7 pm and started to drizzle, so we decided to drive back home. We drove passed Vrsic pass heading towards Kranjska Gora, where we stopped for dinner and try some local Slovenian cuisine. What a great way to end an amazing day.

Insiders Tips:

From Ljubljana Airport there’s a shuttle bus going to city centre for € 9 or Bled and Bohijn for €13. Look for goopti van you cant missed the pink rims of the wheels. And the great thing about it they drop you off to you accommodation. But if you are going back to the airport it’s  better to book it online and they  will come and pick you up at your hotel/accommodation.

Best vantage point to see Lake Bled hike up to Ojstrica, a good 15 minutes steep hike up the hill. But the view is worth every step. It did take my breath away- literally!

Try the local cream cake or locally called Kremma Rezina. It’s very calorific but it’s deliciously good, best paired with  cappuccino!


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45 thoughts on “Bled Slovenia : My Roadtrip and Adventures

  1. Hello there! I got to say I have blinked twice with your photos – they are absolutely stunning! And wow! beautiful sceneries too 😀

  2. These pictures left me speechless. Slovenia is such a beautiful country and I would love to visit it one day. I mean, how beautiful can this get? Like with every picture is just more and more gorgeous.
    BS, xx

  3. I would really like to tick atleast one of my bucket list entry soon. This gave me real traveling inspiration. The pictures are so beautiful. I have no words to describe them.

  4. I’ve never even heard of Bled! ! *feels embarrassed* now if you’re going to do a triathlon, you want to do it there!! So beautiful.

    1. I was lucky to witness their yearly Triathlon activities there, and if you are active and like these sort of activities Bled is the best place to go, getting active while on holiday 🙂

  5. I had no idea Slovenia was this beautiful. Wow. It wasn’t on my travel list yet. But now it definitely is!! Beautiful views. And I would love to see those waterfalls as well.

  6. Slovenia is my country and it is beautiful. It’s sad that not more Slovenian people know about the nature of it and only see the bad side of it. It’s a small country and has everything in it, mountains, sea,…
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Tina von S

  7. Holy cow I had no idea Slovenia was this beautiful. I also feel like I need to climb Mount Triglav at some point, especially if it’s the only national park- love supporting them!

    1. Yes indeed beautiful place. If you like mountain climbing mount Triglav ia great, you need proper climbing equipment though or else there Mangart more easier to climb 🙂

  8. Whoooa! Great photos. They seem so whimsical to me. The photo of the picnic is probably my favorite as that is definitely one of my fav pastimes in Europe!

  9. Lake Bled does look like a fairytale. To tell you the truth Slovenia wasn’t on the top of my bucket list but now it is.The scenery looks breathtaking. I would love to visit and your photos are great.

  10. I go to Slovenia in just under two weeks and have been scouring the net for articles. This one is by far my favourite! I’m now well prepared to pack my hiking boots!

  11. I love Alpine villages, towns, and cities. That photo of Kranjska Gora is one of the most inviting pictures I’ve seen all month. Slovenia was always on my bucketlist but I think I’ll bump it up to 2017.

  12. What a beautiful place. I’ve been only to Ljubliana, but I’d love to go back and spend some more time in Slovenia. It’s really gorgeous there, as you’ve shown, and very underrated as a destination still.

  13. Oh, wow, I don’t even know how to express the pure gorgeousness of your photos! Bled looks fantastic and I’ve been dying to go there for a while. Hope to cross it of the list soon.

  14. Oh how I wish I had time to visit Bled when I was in Slovenia. Your pictures are stunning. I guess that just gives me a (nother) reason to go back!

  15. Amazing pictures! I have been invited by a friend to go to Slovenia. I can’t wait to accept the invitation now!

  16. Your friend was so kind to take you on such an amazing roadtrip! I have been to Bled last year but I only visited the lake and Vintgar Gorge as I was on a day trip from Ljubljana. The Slovenian countryside looks amazing, I did hike a little bit in the Alps when I was coming back from Vintgar Gorge and I remember how gorgeous it was!

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