Highlights of 2017: My Travels and Adventure


The great adventures of 2017 is tailing off, this year has flown so quickly. It felt like a distant memory! Here’s a quick recap of my year 2017, with wonderful experience and amazing travels that I have fully enjoyed.

My 2017 first adventure was a Valentines day spent in Hamburg, Germany. Wandering around the city was a bliss, a perfect place for photography stroll from new and modernist buildings somewhat controversial to the locals  and the old but stunning neo-classical architectural designs.

A solo road trip around Israel was a great achievement. Visiting the Holy site was so mesmerising, imagine visiting biblical places like Nazareth, Jerusalem, The Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem and floating in the Dead Sea.

The entire journey was an enlightening  for me,  not everything you hear about Israel News is True. Go and explore Israel, it is a safe place to visit! Here’s the link of my Israel Road trip and Jerusalem Old Walls and Beyond.

I spent my Birthday in the Philippines, the most exciting part was hiking in Sagada, Mountain Province with my sister Jhell and visiting the ancient burial sites of the locals ( known the Hanging Coffins ) and the views of the Sagada Rice Terraces was breath taking. Ticking off my bucket list for my birthday week was a perfect gift! Here’s the link of my Travel hacks to Sagada.

It has been a great year for me in regards to my hiking adventures. This year I had the chance to summit the highest peak of  Brecon Beacon in South Wales ” The Pen Y Fan” and exploring the Peak District area. Hopefully 2018 I will be hiking more amazing places around U.K or even abroad. Here’s the link of Brecon Beacon and Peak District

Exploring the South of France was magical. Discovering the Roman remains around the South of France was fascinating, visiting the two well preserved Nimes Arena and Arles Arena like the Coliseum in Rome.

A picnic day out at the Pont du Gard  and Pont d’Avignon while admiring the impressively beautiful architecture of the bridge. Completes with sumptuous French food and sipping the local wine was a splendid culinary experience. Here’s a link of my Summer getaway in Nîmes South France.

An epic road trip to the Ring of Kerry and exploring Killarney area was a great way to catch the last summer feeling. Kayaking around the National Park lake was indeed an exhilarating experience as well as cycling and hiking was a great and fun for the outdoor enthusiast.

Added bonus day out in County Cork discovering the beautiful history of Cobh city the last port call of the Titanic. And you of course night in Dublin’s Temple bar and Game of Thrones film locations road trip. Check out my blog post in Killarney a journey of fun and adventure, Day trip to Country Cork and Game of Thrones film locations.

Before I close the last chapter of 2017, I am on the look out for my last travel adventure somewhere warm and great for relaxing and architectural photography. I’m heading to Malta do watch out for this space!

At this point, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, for the support and love you have given to my blog and following my travel adventures! As well as those extraordinary people I met, along my path who makes every step of the journey worth while.

As we draw close to what has been an exciting 2017 for my travel adventures. I would like to wish everyone an amazing year ahead.

Welcoming 2018, means only one thing! It’s about time to plan ahead, to fill my year 2018 travel goals  with exciting places to explore, new cuisines to indulge,astounding views to savour, stunning architectural designs to capture, great outdoor activities to enjoy and thrilling road trips. And lastly to meet amazing strangers along a beautiful journey.

Insider’s Tip:

  • If you’re contemplating to do a Solo Travel adventure, I highly suggest go for it! It’s the best experience you will ever experience that’s for sure.
  • How many travels have you done this year? If Money is key to organising your travels don’t fret! Lookout for flight sales and last minute accommodation sales. It doesn’t need to be an expensive  holiday.
  • What about consider Staycation, you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy a holiday or plan a weekend getaway nearby.

Hi Im Meanne Anneklien, a part time traveller and photographer. I love solo travelling and through this blog I would like to inspire others to travel more. Lets explore and experience first hand the different cultures, customs and sample the world cuisines, and meeting amazing people along our wonderful journeys.

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  1. Looks like you tackled quite a bit while you were on the road in 2017. I visited Israel and the Brecon Beacons in 2016 – couldn’t be two more different places, funny that we both did them. 🙂 Hopefully you have a nice 2018 planned as well.

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